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Feb 13, 2010
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I'm just being really nosy here! Was wondering how many of us were actively trying to concieve?

Personally we weren't trying, weren't preventing. I came off the pill in September and concieved in January! It wasn't exactly a shock but the day before we found out my OH got laid off and we said that if we weren't pregnant this month I'd go back on the pill to give us chance to find jobs. We are so excited and grateful for this baby though!!! Can not wait to meet it!!!!!
i was trying but after a few months on the clomid had decided to have a break from trying as i turned into a hormonal weirdo lol but thankfully i was blessed on my 3rd cycle :)
We were trying for 3 months which is the longest time It's taken us to concieve!
Hi hon, we were trying since Nov - had a mc in Jan and a BFP again in March.
K xxx
We had decided to start trying in 2010 and it happened straight away :)
We were trying for 6 months , Only way we did it was by being very sore and doing it every single day! otherwise I dont think it will have happened last month either
I only came off the Pill because it seemed to be making my sex drive completely die out...had one period and BAM! Pregnant! My mum reckons that every woman in her side of the family is just made for making babies so she saw it coming :p
We'd both discussed the possibility though, so it was kind of expected, just not so soon!
i had come off the pill in feb 09, had reallllly obscure periods with no regular cycle, then was referred to gynae due to bleeding after sex in November, periods regular from November and bam pregnant in February, just when we sorta decided that if it wasnt going to happen yet it was ok and were trying to come to terms with that.....

fantasticly happy now tho :)

came off the injection in july-ish got pregnant last month, m/c but now trying again! hope it dont take too long! :)
came off pill n 2 months later i was preg
Started trying in Jan this year so took us 3 months of TTC.
Thanks guys! I am sooooooo nosy x lol
we never tried for any of ours, first one was a complete surprise as was the second, number three we thought about trying so i came off pill then we decided it wasn't the right time for us so i was waiting for my period to start again but it never did :lol: and this one we really weren't expecting as i was on the pill when i conceived :shock:!!!!!!
We were trying. Got married in Aug and came off pill in sept. Took until feb cycle and im sooooo pleased was starting to get a little worried. Although other half points out i was very poorly throughout oct and nov so we can take those months out of trying. Was so suprised though. Just so thankful xx
We decided we would start trying in Janurary so i came off the pill at the end of jan had the withdrawel my first proper period on started 4th march and i fell pregnant . Alot quicker than we expected but overjoyed all the same xoxo
we were tring with our 1st and now this one got pregnant straight away xx
Wirenth What Pill Was You On? x

i was on microgynon 30

my friend was on the same one when she caught with all 4 of hers.
but hey ho as far as i am concerned i was meant to conceive or else i wouldn't have :)
MMMMMMMM making my suspisions even more that lol - Both me and my mate were on Microgynon 30 ( shes due in around 3 months ) we both fell pregnant the first month after coming off - makes you wonder about that pill

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