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high cervix anyone?


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Mar 30, 2007
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My sweep didn't work this morning because my cervix is too high (posterior). the midwife couldn't reach it... she said her fingers were also too small.

has anyone had this before?
Yes I had it with Aaron. It's common with a first baby on some people. In the end she just about could reach it but it was tightly shut. They pulled my cervix down when I was in hospital, now that's an eye watering experience! I wouldn't worry hun you've got plenty for time for it to soften and come down.
almost every woman has a high cervix when pregnant... it does that to prevent infection etc... but as you near labour, your cervix thins and stretches as well as moves forward to allow the baby to exit the cervix and into the birth canal more easily...

as your cervix is posterior and closed, I'm afraid doesn't sound like you'll be popping any time soon... :think: :( Your little man needs some final baking it appears..
thanks for your answers ladies. very helpful. either way i'm going to be patient!
Yep, happened to me too. Maya is our first baby, she went 6 days over and when I had my sweep the midwife said exactly the same thing, cervix was too high and she couldn't reach it and also said her fingers were too small. She mentioned that she tried to bring it a bit forward, she wasn't sure if it worked.

In the end, it wasn't the sweep that did the trick - I think. Maya came 4 days after the sweep, just when she felt like it! :hug:

Hope your little one decides to make an appearance soon! :)

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