Having a chemical - what happens next??

Discussion in 'Coping with Miscarriage & Loss' started by hannah2409, Jun 29, 2013.

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    May 2, 2013
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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently having a chemical. BFP two days ago, neg ever since and digi BFN this morning.

    I am devastated, obviously, but determined to move forward and trying to see it as a positive that I can conceive after two years of trying.

    I haven't started bleeding yet and in fact have all my preg symptoms still - frequent urination, sore boobs, bloated, nausea.

    How long will it take for these to pass and for me to bleed? My temp is still higher than ever - so I guess I need to wait for that to drop first??

    After I do bleed, do I need to wait for a 'proper' period after that before trying again? I have 39 day cycles so that feels like FOREVER away :(

    ANy advice would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks so much

    Hannah xx
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    Jan 2, 2013
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    Hey hun, when i had my chemical it was abit different. I started spotted 7dpo so i thought 'implantation' and did a test where it was positive (3tests). The bleeding got a bit heavier and when i tested again 2 days later it was negative.

    Its such a high range of emotions in such a short space of time :( hope you're ok.

    I tried to get pregant on the ov after that (all my dates stayed the same as if it was just a normal period) i didn't get pregnant that time but know of people who have gotten pregnant first ov after a further along miscarriage so i dont think theres any reason to wait if you dont want to xxx
  3. scn

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    Oct 23, 2012
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    With a chemical, you bleed when you are due your period that's why it's called a chemical. If you are late for your period then it's an early miscarraige. You will start bleeding once your progesterone start to fall, everyone is different though so there is no 'set' time frame for it to happen unfortunately.
    With my early mc, I started to bleed four days after the bfp xx

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