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has this happened to you - or any suggestions? HCG levels


Nov 30, 2007
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im 8wks although been told 3times ive miscarried and even been through surgery for a suspected eptopic, which wasnt!my HCG levels have been rising at a low 60% which they wernt happy about. after the op, they dropped from 850 to 590.they said it now looks like im miscarrying 'again' and had more done today to see if they are dropping as they should.

Instead of dropping, finact they've gone up slightly to 646. i know this is not 'normal' and they want to dissolve any tissue that could be in my body...but somethings still telling me to hold on. these levels at 8wks are really not good, but i cant let go everytime i get a positive.please, can someone help! x
get a second opinion on the decision, or if you have already, get another just to be on the safe side. as far as i know, you are not putting your health at risk by not having tissue removed right now (but eventually there will be a risk of infection) so if it were me, i would hang on. it may just be that your body still thinks it is pregnant though, until the tissue is removed.

Sorry hun, i probably havent helped, but what i mean is, i would hang on, because it seems like further investigation is necessary before writing of the pregnancy completely.

Thinking of you :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
thank you so much for your reply.
if i had more evidence that its a non viable pregnancy, i could deal with it.. but im 8 weeks and still havent been able to see baby or even sac using a trans v scan as my levels are too low to show (although they were going up)

and i havent had any 'def miscarriage'. i've had some bleeding during the pregnancy, but not the dreaded miscarriage like one!!.. who knows

if i knew for sure theres no baby or it has died, then dissolving it the way the docs want would be a closure - but as i have no idea either way, i cant let go of hope.

Thanks again for your help. xxx

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