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Nov 30, 2007
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Hi there.

Ive just had surgery on a suspected eptopic,but found nothing (good thing). so they've left it as an on going pregnancy although my HCG levels are very very low (but rising)

4 days after the op, they went down from 850 to 592. They've told me that i should miscarry very soon. I have more blood tests tomorrow to see if they are going down as they should.

I am 8 weeks today, which means i would normally ovulate in 2 weeks. if i miscarry in this time, will i still ovulate at the normal time?

so many questions, but confused...

Thank you xxx
Im so sorry about your news hun :hug: :hug: :hug:
You could ovulate in 2 weeks but it may take longer settle back down...i went back on the pill 2 weeks after my m/c and bled as normal in my pill free week 6 weeks after the m/c. It can go straight back to normal or be up to maybe 8 weeks before you have AF.
Are you planning on TTC straight away?
How are you doing?
If i said i was ok, i'd be lying :)
im trying to keep strong and positive, but everythings just going against me right now. Or thats how it feels anyway.

Id try and conceive tomorrow if i could. We want this baby so much. We've been trying for 3 years and was due to start fertility treatment in jan...then this happened. so you can imagen the high we were on when we got our good news... then all this is happening. Im still hoping things will pull through, but dropping Hcg levels don't look good.

Thank you for your time xxx
Hi... Just to prepare myself, i'll ask the what if question.

What if tomorrow when i have my HCG levels re taken, it goes back up?

I know the doctors will want me to take the medication to dissolve it all (which i dont like the sound of anyway).

Could i still be miscarrying? im clear of an eptopic as i had surgery and found nothing on Fri..

Im not saying it will go up, but just what if??? It would just top me off it think...hehe! should i get positive?

xxx Im sounding like a looney now arent i? :wave:

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