Help I am freaking out


Jul 9, 2011
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:help:My story as posted earlier: --My period is irregular last cycle (45 days) LMP 14th May, Pregnancy Test confirmed 19th june, bleeding started 24th june turned into normal period or so i thought.
doc wanted me to have scan to check womb was empty went to early preg. unit - nothing showed on scan but hcg taken as precaution
hgg very low but slowly rising every 48 hrs 98, 101, 113, 123.
docs suspected eptopic and called me back for another scan. They scanned me and found pregnancy sac size about 4 weeks and 4 days which they tell me is possible with my irregular cycle , they did see something in the sac but have asked me to come back in 10 days when they might pick up a heartbeat fingers crossed. I am totally confused i thought i miscarried but now its seems i am pregnant. i did ask how could a pregnancy sac be seen with such low hcg levels as i thought they needed to be at least 1000 hcg to be seen on a scan now I have to wait until the 19th july - strangely the doc is confident there is something in the sac just waiting for a heartbeat ! next Scan tues 19th july

My stupid question thats on my mind is: - could I still be having an eptopic pregnancy even if a pregnancy sac was seen in the womb at 4 weeks 4 days, boobs very sore ????
Hi Hun I'm so sorry you've Been through so much, I don't think you could be having an ectopic if they've seen it in the womb. Really hope everything goes well :hugs: xxx
Sorry to hear that Daisy - no wonder your freaking out. dont really know what to say - execpt hoping it all works out for you. Let us know how you get on.

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