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Halfords CD player/ fitting / refunds etc...


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May 16, 2006
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Well basically, my CD player decided to give up on life not long back...

So its etihe get an auto electrician to have a look... whcih i have NO idea how much it will cost (if you do.. speak now ;) lol )


Go to Halfords and buy a new one..

But question is.

If i buy it, pay for fitting etc, and then it still doesnt work.... Do i get a refund?

I will act dumb and say i had no idea it was to do wtih car..

I think tis the CD player, but ya never know eh.

What will they say/do?

thanks ladies :)
If you buy it and it doesn't work then yeah I'd assume you would get a refund... or while they are there fitting it they'll go find another one that does work.

Beware of Halfords though, the guys that work there are (in my one anyway) a mince pie short of a christmas buffet :wink: and don't let them try and rip you off.
A fellow pf'er has adviced me it sounds more like wiring :( so off to the garage i go *sniff* lol

I bet i end up spending an absolute fortune... all int he quest of music for my wheels lol
If you were closer lozzi id say ask my hubby as hes no mechanic but can wire all his stereos. If you know someone ask them as wiring is fairly simple and not expensive as ive just been told.
Weer the hell is Wisbech just out of curiosity? is it even in this country? :lol:

*blonde moment* lol :D

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