Tesco Returns Policy.. BEWARE!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BubbleOne, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. BubbleOne

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    Apr 13, 2005
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    OH brought me a compilation CD for my Birthday but it was the wrong one so we went to Tesco with the reciept and I just wanted a straight swap. CD's were same price and both RnB.

    But..... They wouldn't do it because of new copyright laws. She tried to tell me it's Government Policy but couldn't show me evidence. So OH got the ump because he felt bad for buying the wrong one in the first place.

    We went to Customer Service and asked for the Manager. He came along and was very reasonable after we had explained that there policy is a load of crap!! It says on the policy 'We MAY restrict returns on CD'S etc' It should either say WILL or WON'T otherwise it's rubbish!!
    We also made it clear to him that this 'policy' was not explained to OH when he purchased the CD and there is no Point of Sale around the CD's explaining this. (Apparantly there should be but customers knock it off and then kick it under the shelf) Really not our problem!!!
    He also knew nothing about the Government Policy regarding CopyRight so really didn't have a leg to stand on!!

    Now if they want to use that Return Policy then thats fine but they need to make it clear before you buy a CD,DVD OR Video. And if they're going to quote the Government Policy then they need to have a copy available to prove it!!!

    Why don't they just wrap their CD's etc in that clear film and say that you can't return it if the film has been removed unless it's faulty?

    Stupid Policy!! Sort it out Tesco!!!

    The manager swapped my CD for me though :dance:
  2. Guest

    There goes my view of Tesco's Kingston :roll:

    Used to love that place :wink:

    Glad you got the right CD in the end. x
  3. bubble_dreamer

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    from what i have heard tescos like to change their policys from store to store :? this is not the first bad thing i have heard about them recently neither :?
  4. Amanda

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    Aug 11, 2005
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    It's not just Tesco's. All shops seem to change their policy either store to store, or even person to person!!

    My parents bought my daughter a playboy watch for Xmas from Argos.


    It was £40 then! Anyway, you can't see from the photo, but the flip top has the playboy rabbit and lots of jewelled crystal things. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that 6 of the crystals had fallen out. 8 weeks after Xmas! So, I took it back to Argos. My parents no longer had the receipt and the woman behind the customer service desk said that it wasn't an exclusive Argos item and so she couldn't swap it! I explained that it was a gift and therefore we didn't have the receipt, but she was adamant. I even spoke to the store manager and the best he could do was give me an address of the Playboy service centre but said we would have to pay for repair.

    So I told my parents this, and they took the watch back to the same store the very next day without the receipt, and they swapped it for a brand new one immediately!!!!!!

    So it's not just Tesco's Bubbleone!!

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