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Hair Dye


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Aug 3, 2007
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Just incase you fancy dying your hair.....when they say you may be surprised of the results...this is no shit!

I used a semi-permanent lightest brown which according to the box was same colour as my roots and have used before and was fine.....after the 20mins my hair is CHOCOLATE :shock:

Thank heavens it washes out :pray:

lol same with mine hun i wanted a light brown its almost black!!!
and mine is permanant
never mind though :)
manda xx
is that the only reason why we shouldnt dye our hair yaay ive been waiting till bubz pops out 2 dye my hair i thought it was cos it cud harm tha baby :)

i wanna go darker anyways so its all good :)
Is that the reason why my hair turned out black instead of dark brown a few months ago? I wondered what had gone wrong there lol
Dying your hair will not harm the baby, though the hormones ypu produce when pregent, may make your hair come out odd colours.

Nim x
im awful for dying my hair. Theres not a single colour i havent been(i get so bored with it) Im using this as a good excuse to give my poor hair a rest though, and gorw out all the cack ive been putting on it. My grew really quick with my daughter so im hoping by the end of this pregnancy i can have my natural hair back.....
I think there should be something on the box which says "pick whichever colour you want but be aware it will nothing like you think". I wanted a deep, subtle mahogany colour and ended up with flame red :shock: Very exciting but not entirely the look I was after....
here it is.....just for the visual :D

before is on the left.....

and after :shock: I like it now though so its ok :D

It looks really nice!! Really suits you!! :D

I must say too, that with dark hair you remind me sooooo much of one of my friends that its scary!! :)
i really like it ! id love my hair that colour , where everything is growing out its gone a bit ginge , but ive got a party next week and would like it looking nice ?!

ive never used semi perminante tho ? how good are they at coming out again ?
thankyou Soulem & Gem :)

Gem, my hair was going ginge too where my highlights were getting old! I used:

Coloursensations from Superdrug which is their own brand in colour 6/0 Natural Light Brown. Its the semi permanent one and cost £2.60 BARGAIN!!!! Only took 20 mins and its so easy to put on.

It says on the box lasts up to 20 washes and they do come out well after that time. Im considering finding the same colour in permanent after baby is born. Go grab yourself some and post a pic when you're done :wink:

oooh, your hair looks lurrvely. :clap:

I went from Blonde to brown (had anough of frying my hair and dark roots) And i loved it. Makes your hair look all shiney and in really good condition. Im tempted to go back myself now.....Im trying to go back ot my natural colour (blonde) so i can just get highlights when the summer comes, but im am getting a bit of patchy ginger while all the old stuff is growing out x
I usually use Garnier Nutrisse Macadamia 5.2 on mine but I decided to go and get foils done on Weds next week to give myself a treat :D

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