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Expecting twins...stressed...sick note?!


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Jul 30, 2006
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Hi everyone,

Im hoping for some advice, really confused and upset. I work in a secondary school as a science teacher and my department is on the third floor, there are no lifts and no toilets up there and its getting really hard for me to go up and down, even at four months, but maybe its cos Im having twins. They are really not understanding and I have major backache, migraines and cramps sometimes. I feel like asking my GP for a note to take some time off but dont wanna be a crybaby and moan about it too much, Ive always stuck at work even with my baby son and he's only 8 months so its hard at home too.
Should I speak to my doc? I dont even know what to say! please help!

Sounds to me like you should go talk to your GP. I think walking up 3 flights of stairs is not easy on you and if you are having other niggles also then I think you deserve a bit of time signed off.

Also consider its your employers responsibility to ensure your health and safety in the workplace, and when pregnant they really need to be careful what they expect or ask you to do. You are carrying twins so of course your pregnancy may be harder work from an earlier stage. It all needs to be considered. You can seek legal advice either online at ACAS or other such sites and check your rights. If they can't make your workplace safe for you, then they need to either a) change your duties (not affecting your pay) or b) send you home on full pay

I went back and found this on a Gov site for you

Health and safety for pregnant employees

All employers must give you a safe and healthy working environment. There's extra protection if you're pregnant, which is a good reason for letting your employer know you're pregnant early on.
Risk assessment

Your employer must carry out a risk assessment of your job to find any possible risks to you and your unborn child. These risks might be caused by:
lifting or carrying heavy loads
standing or sitting for long periods
exposure to toxic substances
long working hours

Your employer must then either remove the risk or remove you from being exposed to it (for example, by offering you suitable alternative work). If neither of these is possible, your employer should suspend you from work on full pay.

Here is the link to the page, if you read down through it, it has lots of info and other links for you to read.


Good luck :hug:
Thx, thats so helpful, Il talk to them and my GP next week :hug:
My school were really unhelpful too hun :hug:

I struggled on for weeks and weeks working 15 hour days with a ridiculous timetable and it broke me. I ended up in my GP's in floods of tears and she signed me off for 2 weeks. My school are much more welcoming and trying to actually help me now...

Anyway make sure they fulfil their legal obligations to you and make sure you rest lots. Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the world even when you're not pregnant xxx

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