EWCM & Positive opk at 8dpo? *PHOTO*


Jun 14, 2012
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Hey there

I'm getting confused! I'm using the CBFM...had an almost positive opk at CD9 then peaks on the CBFM on CD10 & 11.

Which puts me at 8dpo today (CD19).

This morning I had EWCM (didn't get any earlier in the month but sometimes don't) and have done an opk this afternoon and got a very positive opk.

I know that opk's have been used at hpt's but surely not this early? I'm stressing now that I didn't actually ovulate earlier in the month and that I'm about to. Really don't wanna be back in the 2ww again!!!

Pic is attached of the opks - both are from this afternoon?
What is your CBFM saying today hon?x
I OVed late this month.
It is possible xx

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I've ov'd that late before as well...
Just that the CBFM had given me peaks earlier in the month so I'd taken that as done and dusted!
Id be surprised if you hadn't ov'd when you got your surge with CBFM, but maybe you had a surge but didn't actually release an egg - body might be having another go!
I'd bd just incase!xx
am i going mad but they dont look positive to me, i thought it was the bottom line which had to be darkest??
Thanks - that's what I'm thinking that maybe it picked up the surge...but I didn't actually ov and am now instead?

I'd say the bottom one is a defo positive!
ps actually i read some American research that 94% (I think it was!) of women in a study of over 150,000 cycle ovulated within the 2 peak days using CBFM. But maybe I was one of the 6% this month!
i think ive been reading mine all wrong i thought the whole line had to be darker.
I'm sure I read something that it's the darkest point of the line? Maybe I've been reading them wrong! ; )
This is my opk at cd18 xx

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ab11 thats a beautiful positive, test line is much darker! ... Jacksonsmum I've had a few like yours and not known for definitie if it is 100% positive, to me the lines look equal = positive, but im not sure about whether its classed as the darkest point or just generally the whole line - would be interesting to know though if anyone knows or finds out?!? xxx
p.s. do you girls poas or in a pot? & do you think it makes that much difference to the overall result? I usually use a pot but it is a pain & would be so much easier to poas but I worry a positive result is less likely to show.. what does everyone think??? xxx
Tbh i dnt really use opks but the odd one i use i use a pot xx

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Thanks guys.

So do you think that it's NOT a positive and therefore I probably ovulated when the CBFM told me I did?

: )
I think the cbfm are meant to be spot on hun xx

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I hope so cos I really don't feel like dtd tonight! Think my head is firmly placed in the 2ww and was disappointed to think I'd been put back go GO!!!
Havve you don't a HPT?? As it may be that your OPK is pos due to a BFP? As like you say OPK can pick up the HCG in urine xx
Hey I Oved late this month CD22. I was worried it would stuff up any chance of implantation if that happens but my period was due two days ago. I have not done a hpt because I'm only now 8dpo according to my pos OPK. I guess it is just a messed up cycle.

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