EWCM & Positive opk at 8dpo? *PHOTO*

Morning all!

Well I did a hpt this morning (20miu) and negative but not sure if at 9dpo it would be too early with that sensitivity htp test (or any!).

Did another opk this morning and it's gone slightly lighter (pic attached - top ones are from yesterday afternoon and the bottom one was with FMU) so possibly indicates ovulation??? Plus had more EWCM this morning. The plot thickens!

Surely if it was an indication of pregnancy the opk would be getting stronger - I'll test again with an opk later ; )

No idea what's going on but we dtd this morning just in case ; )

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Oh and the hpt I did seemed to have a white evap line on it that's visible to the eye but not the camera so I inverted it...

p.s. ladies I found this on www.peeonastick.com about opk lines that aren't dark all the way through. Maybe mine yesterday wasn't a positive opk in that case?

13. My test line looks "half positive"-- only one side of the line is dark. What does it mean? Most of the time, OPK results are easy to read; the "result" line is one uniform color/darkness. Sometimes, however, you may get a result that looks "half positive," like this:

"result" line on left
"control" line on right​
When this happened to me, I contacted the distributor (in this case, BabyWishes.org)-- I even e-mailed them the above photo. I was told that the darkest part of the "result" line should be compared with the test line, and that this applies to all brands of OPK's.
This month I purchased some Answer brand OPK's, which I had never personally used before. After my LH surge appeared to last 6 days (going by the above rule of thumb), I made the unsettling discovery that my tap water was also ovulating. So I called Answer's 800# and asked the same question. This time I was told that the dark part of the line must be at least 50% of the total width to be considered positive. Going by THAT, the picture above would be considered negative. (And, in retrospect, my LH surge actually lasted a common 2 days-- and my kitchen faucet is not currently fertile.)​
So, it appears that my information from BabyWishes was incorrect; it does, in fact, depend on the brand of OPK.​
the lines dont have to be as dark i have had plenty of dark lines not as dark as the control line but had ov pain and bfp so no i oved,dont know what to make of it all sorry as never used the cbfm thingy xx
Well thought I'd give a quick update - CBFM definitely got it wrong and I didn't ovulate on CD10/11.

According to the peaks on CD10/11 I'd now be 18dpo - I tested on AF due date (according to CBFM) and had a bfn.

So I'm pretty convinced now that I did indeed ovulate later, when I thought I was around 9dpo and that the opk I posted was positive. I had EWCM and ov pains to accompany it. So going by that I'm now 8 or 9 dpo (AGAIN!). Unfortunately only dtd once (1st time round had it well covered but went away on hols so didn't get the chance with our LO in tow) so unlikely...
Hey sorry to hear your back in your tww, bet thats a kick in the teeth!

I'm currently using the cbfm, this month is my first month and it picked me peaks up. I was just sat here thinking that maybe your monitor did pick up a surge in hormones which is why it gave you the peak but you failed you release an egg, so your body tried again which is why you got a second surge?!

This happened to me a couple months back when using cb smiley opks. The month before that i miss ov out completely! Ha silly bodies!

Also a note on the stick opks....i never ever get a solid darker line on those things, they are always partial lines. So i always use the darkest part to determine if im oving....i backed this up with smiley tests on occasion to double check i was right...i was. lol

All women test different some women get full dark lines, some dont, so it makes comparing difficult.

Any how good luck in this tww, i know you said you dtd much but it only takes 1 little sperm! X X X

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