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Jan 10, 2014
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I’m on labour ward surrounded by unison snoring so thought I start this to try and keep myself awake whilst waiting for nurse to do obs on him!

Was booked for induction on due date (1st) due to SPD. Kept getting bumped but finally got in on Sunday night, pessary in at 8.30pm. Favourable cervix at this point so had high hopes. In early hours I was convinced it had become dislodged but MW wouldn’t even look. Come 7.30 am a new one came on who confirmed it had come out entirely. So Annoyed as think I’d have started much earlier if I was listened to. So new one in and proper contractions by 1030am Monday, they took pessary out as too fast and intense. Then it all slowed down so had to go on drip which I wanted to avoid. So eventually back to the awful contractions! Started pushing at 5.25am on tues and he came at 545. Managed with diamorphine/g&a and avoided epi as planned. Lost 1.5l of blood so all descended in room. The guy who butchered me with my LBs stitches was there but thankfully dh Saw and told mw they he wasn’t to touch me! A lovely MW did it in end. Just a smaller tear apparently.

Was disappointed it was a worse labour 2nd time round. And I cannot believe I pushed him out 9,9lbs!) but amazed I managed. He’s BFing so fx have some luck with that. Hoping to be home by weds lunch. Haven’t slept since sat so excited for my own bed.

Know I’ll have missed tonnes so will update accordingly!
Congratulations!!! x
Massive congratulations and very well done xx
Huge congratulations! And love the name as well! Enjoy every second with your new tiny miracle xx
Wow congrats! Almost 10lbs, that must've been intense. What happy news!

Congratulations on the birth of your littlest addition!!! Xxxxxx
Well done Candy. Glad all went ok-ish for you.

Hope you are settling into life with 2 nicely?

Congratulations, I love the name. Oh my goodness 9.9!!! Well done to you lol aha. X
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Well done for getting through, what sounds like, a really tough experience and huge congratulations on your new arrival!!
Really hope you're doing well.
Sending tons of love xx
Transpires the mw converted the grams wrong so he was actually 9.6! Still a little chunk and strangely the same weight as my other lb.
Carnat I’m finding it a bit tricky but hoping once we all find our groove things will get easier. Still no idea how I’ll get out the house solo with a toddler and a newborn?!x

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