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Echinacea - Are we allowed to take this?

Answering my own post :oops:

I just checked online... was being a little lazy
Whilst there is not enough evidence to say that it is safe to take or not, its best avoided whilst pregnant...

Ignore me for now... :)

Oh dear, I've taken it a couple of times. Derrrr, I assumed it would be fine. I've got an awful cough and cold at the moment and the pharmasist recommended Olbas pastles and Oil, both have been great. Don't know if that would help you too.
Thing is.. I had a cold a few weeks back.. and now.. I am being told that I sound like I have a cold again.. but I feel fine!! hahaha Maybe I should go for the symphathy vote....and tell them that i feel rotton.. maybe they'll send me home!! hahah :angel:

Olbas oil is the one for me, didn't know they did pastilles... will get onto them if I get my cold back, thanks Becs
For colds/sore throats etc, try half a freshly squeezed lemon and 2 teaspoons of MANUKA HONEY (has to be Manuka) in a cup and add boiling water and drink it. It is SO good and the honey has great anti-bacterial properties!

Posted this on the other thread about colds but thought I would also post here :D
Thanks Debbie! I never heard of manuka hobey before. I'll seek it out!

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