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dummies - age renges


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Dec 25, 2006
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What's the difference between 0+, 3 months + and 6 months + dummies?

Ryan is still on 0+ as I didn't realise I was meant to get different ones for different ages...?

I think it's to do with the size of the dummy teat.
Having said that I bought one which said it was suitable for 0-36months!
i think its the size, but millie still loves her avent ones my colleagues got me as part of my big baby box leaving present, and they are 0-3 months.
despite millie being 6 months, she still fits the 0-3 better, we bought a 3-12 months and she cant keep it in it just falls out in like 2 seconds :?
it's the size and the testure of the teet... on the ones for older babies, they usually have some sort of texture to it for cleaning their tounges as they will be eating by then
We've tried a few different ones but George only likes Avent. He's now on the 3-6 month ones. The teat is definitely bigger.

Remember they say to throw them away after a month as they get old and might come apart :(
Only thing to be careful with Shell is the smaller ones as the baby gets bigger they can get more of it in their gob! Eefie's 0+ ones he can get the whole thing in his gob! The bigger sizes have bigger teats :)

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