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Don't feel pregnant ?!?


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Apr 6, 2006
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I'm still getting strong BFP's and ive had no bleeding ETC....

But i just dont feel pregnant like i did with my last 2. :?

Ive got sore Boobs and i'm having the dull aches twinges you get but i don't feel sick and i dont feel any different really.??? :?

I'm beginning to get really paranoid with it now though just in case something is wrong.? :(

Am i just be silly ? :think:
It still is early days so try not to worry too much. You may be lucky this time round and not have the morning sickness and other delights.
i hope it is just missing me out this time round i think i need to relax abit.

Oh roll on thursday to get a scan date!!! :pray:
I'm sure it'll be fine hun :hug: I was reading a thread on another forum about people not having a lot of symptoms and there were no problems with those ladies :D

I seem to be having quite a few (bloating, twinges, slight queasiness) but I've heard that they sometimes come in waves so maybe next week I'll have none either :D
I said that I was worried to my mum today that I wasn't getting any symptoms, my boobs aren't even sore yet? :? I hope everything is ok?

I didn't really get any symptons this time either, apart from sore boobs which didn't even start til after 8 weeks or so so please don't worry. I had symptons with my other two so felt uneasy that I didn't have many symptons this time but everything is fine :)
i had symptoms at about 4/5 weeks, but they disappeared virtually altogether and i posted something similar to you back then too. its natural to worry, but you (like me) might just have got lucky :) :hug: :hug:
I was really worried i had no symptoms and got worked up about it but, by week 7 - 8 the nausea and everything had kicked in and i felt terrible.
Lindsay said:
I said that I was worried to my mum today that I wasn't getting any symptoms, my boobs aren't even sore yet? :? I hope everything is ok?


My boobs are extremely sore, I'm constantly tired, no sickness yet, but heaved over a tea bag the other day...

...I was talking to my friend (who is 16/17 weeks now) exdpecting to hear the same and she said she only ever felt the tiredness both times round. She was never sick and her boobs weren't sore. Glad to say both of her little angels are perfectly healthy so please don't worry sweet :D

I had no symptoms until i got to about 7-8 weeks and then its little things like every morning at 11:30 having to run to the loo and my boobs getting sore by the day.

I'm sure everything will be fine as every pregnancy is different and we all have different symptoms.

Best off Luck xxx

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