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does anybody here do readings.....?


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Feb 12, 2007
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Looking at another thread just made me think.

Does anybody on here have a 'gift' and do readings and the like?

I'm curious to have one done, but have never had the guts.......
I'd love to have one done too. Love all that spriitual stuff.
Mia Dolan is one of my Facebook friends and I invited her round to mine for a brew if she's ever up my way. She said she'd love to call in. :cheer:
I'd love to have one done too. I'm so into all that heebie jeebie stuff :wink: :D
I've had 3 done before, 2 by the same man, Paul Lambillion. He's really very good. He goes to the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology every August, I went this August past and in 04....In 04 he told my Mum he saw her holding a baby in July... she thought nothing of it until I very unexpectedly found out I was pregnant, Reece was born in July 05!
On the train on the way to Edinburgh in 04 I had a call about a job interview... he said to me 'do you have an interview on Monday at 11?' I was so shocked and said 'no, half past!' :shock:
There is so much I could tell you he's said that has come true, they are very to the point things, nothing he could just guess.
I know he goes all over the country doing stuff, I'd definately recommend him, I think he stays in Suffolk.


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