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Do you have one of these???

I have a similar one, actually they're the same with the brand name changed

http://www.toysrus.co.uk/Product.aspx/B ... ies/723525

Eefie likes his, its comfy, has recline but I never use that, very sturdy, tray goes on and off easily and it folds away and wipes clean. I store all his bibs and some toys in the basket below.
The only problem I've had is the harness is a bit tight around the waist but he's a fat little git anyway lol!
We have it although not in pink :lol: The only negative is that it is quite large compared to alot of other highchairs so it takes up quite a lot of space. It is a nice highchair though apart from that.
I had the one in blue from toys'r'us... it was a happy snack... i liked it it was big but it was nice :)

I snapped the seat by mistake :(
i have it too, and find it really bulky :shock:

Also when u open it up from folding its very easy to break, as mine is now broken and out in garage covered in cobwebs.

Weve decided to buy a plain wooden one this time, as i was fed up with crumbs stuck in all the crevises, i used to put the whole thing in the bath or garden and hose it down but still didnt clean it well :rotfl:
yep we have it in blue, have nothing to compare it with but i think its great... although to start with luke was a bit small for it and he was swamped and the straps didn't go tight enough but now it is perfect.
I have that one for DS, am not keen on it to be honest. It feels really cheapy and plasticky and like Paradysso says is easy to break when opening up. I bought the more expensive chicco one for DD and can see where the money went as it's much better quality.
Does the job though :)

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