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Do you give a monkeys about...


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Jan 15, 2007
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Climate change?

Ive always recycled and Im trying to do my bit more and more now but with more reports in the news and the G8 summit saying the time to act is now Im starting to hear alarm bells ring.

It upsets me to think of the world Jake and his children are going to be left with.

What do you think?
I try to recycle, and I'm quite good at not using too much energy ie only filling a kettle as much as you need, and turning lights off when not in the room, but there's so much to take into consideration that being an eco-freak would probably not be very practical. imo.
i do use our paper recycle bin and the green garden waste but other than that dont really do alot :oops: , i use my car and fly and i dont suppose yje 101 christmas lights on the front of my house will be helping
:shock: Who put not my problem?? Has my Dad been on here?
Im only putting my xmas lights on on 24th, 25th and new years eve, or if we have guests
I use my council recycling bins, I walk stephen to school everyday and catch the bus into town. But i cant drive so thats why :rotfl: no if i just needed a few bits id still catch the bus as its a adventure fr stephen.
I dont understand people who think its not their problem. Whos problem is it. Even small changes are sure to make a difference, all it takes is a bit of knowledge and time.

I have a compost bin out the back and I recycle glass, paper, plastic, tetra packaging and paper.

I wouldnt say though I go on about it, I do still use my car but try to walk if practical.
I dont understand people who think its not their problem. Whos problem is it. Even small changes are sure to make a difference, all it takes is a bit of knowledge and time.

I have a compost bin out the back and I recycle glass, paper, plastic, tetra packaging and paper.

I wouldnt say though I go on about it, I do still use my car but try to walk if practical.
I do use the re-cycle bin thing I have for my bottles and cans......not that I have that many of course.... :oops: :wink: but I could still do a lot more.

TBH the most stuff I get is cardboard and plastic bottles and the council don't do collections on them so they ususally end up in the bin unless I know I've got a trip to the tip planned in the near future
Hubby works at a recycling site 1d per wk so he just takes ALL of our recycling stuff with him when he goes to work: cans, bottles, glass, paper, cardboard, tins etc etc its not much effort to separate it out and I think a lot of people are just a bit lazy about it really. :?
I recycle everything I can, which leaves us with only one black bag of rubbish a week which isnt bad! I also conserve energy by only having the heating on for an hour in the morning, turning of lights and standby etc. Every quarter we get letters from swalec saying they owe us money lol, last week we got nearly £200 back off them!!

I do drive a 2 litre car, but thats more OH than me honest lol, and most days we get the train to work (easier than driving into Cardiff believe me)

I think that we owe it to our children to teach them how to be a lot greener, if you are brought up with it then its easier as an adult.

But....even though I do what I can, theres a big part of me that thinks its a waste of time. Britain only contributes such a small amount compared to other countries that are doing nothing about it, that I really do wonder what difference Britians householders and industry can make

Have a look here....the stats are pretty scary

erm... i use the recycle wheely bins if that counts for much? paper, plastic, glass etc :lol:

on the other hand... i do waste quite a bit of electricity (love me electronic gadgets - but then again i am male), drive uneconomical cars (at the moment its a 2.5 petrol V6, 4.2 petrol V8 and 2.5 diesel) and i drive pretty much everywhere - partly because im lazy, and also chances are id end up in hospital if i walked about some of my area :roll: lol
i recycle and stuff but i dont think all this global warming thing is as bad as they say.

For a start they were saying about holes in the ozone layer, and they said it could never be fixed onced it was broken that was it as act fast. Next minute there was a hole and it then fixed itsself :|

Also theres so many theorys about us still going through an ice age and to be honest i believe that more than the govenments version. If the govenment were so botherd about us all recycleing and stuff then why did it take me 4 weeks to get a new blue bin? why are solar pannels taxed? ...doesnt make sence :lol:
I used to recycle until I saw the bin men empty the main bins, then the recycling ones all into the same truck one night... :cry:

I would use eco friendly products ... BUT ... they don't seem to exist over here... :think:

saying that though... I have a micra which I don't use unless I have to which obviously has ridiculously low emissions... (I get really annoyed with people who drive shiny 4x4's and don't live out in the middle of no where... :x :x :x :x )...

We don't have central heating but admittedly during the summer it gets so hot that the aircon goes on (however its not everyday all day and is only put on in the months of July and August)... and because electric is quite expensive here, we have timers on the water heater etc... We have to watch our electric consumption mainly because it can go through the roof.

The same with water. We live in quite a dry region of Spain and not wasting water is really important... so we get charged for that too.. A dripping tap can cost a fortune.

The only thing I think my "family" (not me) are bad at... is never turning THE GOD DAM LIGHTS OFF WHEN THEY LEAVE THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!....

:wall: :wall: :wall: but I do... :)
I recycle over 50% of our waste. We've been heavily involved in making it aware to people working for npower. it's very scary indeed :talkhand:
Do I think we are damaging our planet? Yes, of course. I just hope the small changes 'they' are trying to put in place will be enough.........unfortnately once again man is ruled by money first and foremost.

I recycle everything I can. What my council dosen't collect we take to the tip. I feel it's my duty as a mother to not only install into my son these values but help the next generation to pave the way.
I walk everywhere in the week. We do use our car at weekends for longer journeys.
I turned everything off at the plug at night and I am forever shouting 'turned that light off!' It was drummed into me as a kid.................nothing to do with the enviroment but more to do with my mums electric bill!
Of course there is more I could be doing..................
We do recycle, but because I'm a lazy cow I leave it all to OH. I don't know if it's the same in all areas but if we don't recycle then we get fined which I think is a great scheme..although that's not the reason why we recycle. Global warming and it's repurcussions (sp?) really scare me, I want this to be the best possible world for my childs future. I turn off lights whenever possible, everything is off standby and I used to wash clothes at 30 degrees in my old flat but we have a new washing machine in this new flat which doesn't give you the option for a 30 degree wash :x. What really opened my eyes was when I was reading Cosmopolitan a while back, there was an article about global warming and a picture of these polar bears clinging on to tiny ice bergs cause they were melting away :cry: it's not their fault..it's ours and people who don't think it's their problem are wrong..(That's of course providing that they don't live in tree huts with no electricity, gas etc)
I voted recycle and walk.

though not usually at the same time :D

You know that freecycle thing that councils have on their website? Well theres a woman who used to come to playgroup who gets stuff off it and sells it on ebay! What a cheeky cow! I told her I thought it was wrong and not what its there for :roll: some people :roll:

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