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May 21, 2005
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Oscar is a very sucky baby. He was a fairly good sleeper, but things have changed for the worse this week. He wakes up so many times in the night..... sucking his hands like mad. He has decided that a dummy won't do.... he wants his thumb, but HE CAN'T FIND IT YET!!!! :?
After struggling for 10 minutes, he gives in and cries.... booby always works. He doesn't even suck whole-heartatly.... just nibbles.
I'm exhausted... when will my little plumb find his thumb????? :(

Desperately seeking "soothing" advice! :D :D
Emilia xx
Have you tried different types of dummies? Alex won't entertain the flat ones or the orthodontic ones, but loves the 'cherry' teat ones.
Tracy xx
Brody took a while to find his thumb too, even now he sometimes settled with a finger and thumb in his mouth, he'll get there don't worry :)
Hello ladies, my Ruby does exactly the same she keep trying to find her thumb but in turn then either sticks a finger up her nose or in her eye!!! She did find it once but it lasted all of 3 seconds. Ive tried with all the different sorts of dummies but she always spits them out.

Having said all that we've now found out that she is in fact teething. Shes got two coming through up the top, so shes dribbling lots and desperately hunts for something to chew on. Cant believe shes got them coming through already as shes only 2 months and my son didnt get teeth till he was at least 11 months. Ah well they say they are all different. Its really quite funny coz all she seems to enjoy rubbing her gums on is my hubby's knuckles!!!!
Seren has been doing the chewing fist thing. She is always grizzly and I also give her the booby. She won't have her dummy, if we put it in her mouth she retches! I just want her off my boob :(
My boobies are "kah-put"... If I don't take Oscar out in his pram or drive somewhere, he's hanging off my boobs! People are starting to say "Is he feeding AGAIN?"
I haven't had a rest all week and ofcourse, no DH at home to hand him to. :( I'm feeling really flat about all this. Boobies and I are not getting the chance to recharge our batteries.
Oscar also dribbling for Africa - could be pegs - can't see or feel anything. I just think it's down to comfort..... suck, suck, suck, suck, suck......... aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh :?

Turning into a pumpkin soon.....
Emilia xx
Ah bless ya, Ruby seems to be constantly wanting boob all the time but when I give in (or when I cant take the whinging no more) she starts to suck and then within seconds she throws up everywhere. Apparently she might have reflux problem got to wait for tests so not looking forward to those.
Think by the time I get to 60 Ill have those kind of boobs that you can tuck into your knickers!!!!!
Dah-ling.... I have those boobs already!!! :D :D :D
Emilia xx
My nipples have got friction burns. Never mind my knickers will probably be able to tuck them into my socks :(
Decorative knots can shorten the lenght too - turns heads!!
:D :D :D
I was thinking about using them as a scarf, it is a bit chilly round here at the mo. Never mind spaniel ears, mine are going to be like lop ears
Rooander,saw your photo of Ruby, she is so big now. Very beautiful bless her xxxx :D
You know before i got preggers with Ruby Id just got my boobs back in shape from having josh 8 yrs ago, now I gota go threw all that again.
Id love a boob job but too scared!!!
Thanks Beanie, shes a whooping 11lbs 5oz now, we reckon I must have full fat milk in these boobs.
Tom is the same with his thumb!!! He tries to put it in his mouth,manages for 5 seconds but then it drops off and he gets frustrated so starts to cry!!!. In the mean time he scratches all his face, he has got cuts as if he shaved himself lol

hopefully he will learn soon how to keep his finger in his mouth because that does disturbe him for settling down. Mind you sometimes he puts the whole hand in his mouth, at least he knows he is having something lol
And talking about boobs, mine are so huge and hugly lol it looks like i had 40 kids who all breastfed at the same time lol Does it get better once you stop breastfeeding or is it a lost cause? :wink:
I'll be investing in "scaffholding" after finishing breastfeeding. :D
However, after complaining to a friend about size of boobies, she old me I looked a lovely mummy with boobies full of goodness. I felt better hearing that!
So, cheers everyone - here's to the "good white stuff" and floppy boobs!! :D
Emilia xx

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