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Daniel is definetly teething! Urgent help needed!


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Feb 14, 2007
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Hi girls!

Daniel definetly is teething. He has got all the symptoms and I noticed a small bud coming out. He is very unsettled. He is asleep now, but wakes up every 10 mins (starts crying anyways). What to do? Becourse otherwise I think we will have a sleepless night.

1. We put mittens on his hands, cos I am affraid he will be cold without them. Should we take them off, so he can suck on his fists? (he sleeps in his grobag)

2. Is it worth giving him Calpol? And should I? I am affraid it will effect him..

Please help if you can! He is screaming and I dont know what to do!
You can give him Calpol/medised for his teething, it will help him to settle a bit. :hug: Hope you get some :sleep:
calpol and teething gel hould calm him down thats what i use with Willow.
Yup, I'd give him Medised and teething gel. That should help a lot. x
PS: Medised at night ONLY and Calpol in the day if necessary x
awww hun :hug: :hug: its horrible when they are so unsettled isn't it.

Colpol definately, it settles amber down and she actually has a nap which is the best thing for her when she is hurting. I havent tried teething gel yet because it hasnt got thats bad but it is on standby.

Lots of cuddles, i also rub my finger over ambers gums when she is screaming and it does calm her down.

Hope Daniel gets better soon :)
:hug: :hug: :hug: Thanks all girls!!! Gave him Calpol yesterday, it helped after a while. Today got some powder and Medised. Powder helped :D Hope this night will be easier!!!
Poor little mite. And the thing is it could be months before teeth erupt. Naomi started teething at 4 months and had one tooth at 7 months. She's nearly 2 now and has 12.

Calpol's ad campaign said "parents will understand" - nobody ever spoke truer words!

calpol can be given every four hours. If feverish, it's a great help. But Teetha better for instant relief.

Awww hun, the poor little chap!! Its horrible isn't it, when all you wanna do is take their pain away! I hope he has a better night tonight, we used New Era tablets with Libby, they are homeopathic, and took the edge off a bit for her :D
aww, poor danny! id giv him the calpol/medised and leave mittens off so he can suck his fists. babies do get cold hands, but theyre not cold if their necks are warm :hug:
Carina, I understand exactly what you are talking about. We are in the same position: red cheecks, dribbling, being very irritable, not feeding properly (screaming at the bottle to be more precise), crying...I know this can/will last for months but it is so hard! Anyway, hang in there! Big :hug: from me!
Marijana : Thanks hun :hug: We are giving Daniel some Calpol, if he is feverish and Calpol night. Worked miracles. As well as Bonjela teething gel. Which is great too! Maybe you can try that as well. We also got some teething rings, but he isnt interested. :hug: :hug: :hug: Hope it will help you too!
I swear by Nelsons powder, I call it magic dust :)

The ashtons powder used to knock eefie out all evening & most of the night which I didnt like but the nelsons is great and he knows exactly what it is now and opens his mouth ready for it :)
awww poor little thing! our Glenn is teething, he has been like this for a week now constantly cramming his fists in and slavering all the time, we have been giving him Dentinox teething gel and Calpol, i put a teether in the freezer and he loved that!

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