Conceiving after 1st baby


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Apr 24, 2005
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Hi :)

Had my first baby approx 5 weeks ago and am breastfeeding full time.

Haven't done the deed since I gave birth yet, but wont be using contraception when I do as what happens will happen. Am hoping that we will concieve when Ella is around 5-6 months old.

Has anyone conceived whilst breastfeeding? We want a pretty short gap between our children although I know it will be hard work!
Hi there :D

My friend conceived her second and third baby whilst feeding the previous baby - she has a small age gap between her kids - 3 children under 4! She said her pregancys were easier as she had one toddler then two to look after and it took her mind off the pregnancy and she just had to get on with it.

I think she has found it hard work but her kids are lovely and are the best of friends and I think she's done a really good job (her DH works 6 days a wk as well).

Best of luck!

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My brother's wife conceived 7 weeks after the birth of their second child. She was breastfeeding. :shock:
It was a shock-er-ooney for them, but after alot of hard work - the kids are just great.
I wish you good luck and hope the gap is just right for you! :wink:
Emilia xx
It's a scary thought, but when I was growing up there were several years between me and my two sisters. As a result I think that contributed towards us not being particularly close. Because we've started our family now it's been playing on my mind what when the right time is going to be. I've got my mum very close by who is very supportive and I know that she'll help out through the toughest times, and Ella wouldn't really know any different when she's older about times when it was just her. I'm hoping that a short age gap would mean less jealously from her.

Who knows! It might not happen straight away again for us.
You are brave!!!!

I think Thomas will be the only child or will not have any brothers and sisters before a few years!!!

But I agree with you, I think it is better when they are close to each other date wise because they can play together doing the same things

Good luck!!!

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