Babys first christmas

I think at some point our loved ones need to learn that we are grown up with families/responsibilities of our own... if you want to spend Christmas as just a family, why not?

I'll be at the in-laws' this Christmas, which I don't mind, but in future years if we want to just have the holiday as us three, I think that's our right and we shouldn't be bothered about our decision. Then again my MiL is being obsessive over the baby so I think if we wanted to have the holiday just us three, we'd have to travel to Tasmania to get away from her.... :roll:
when my step sis has her nephew she took her mothers advice to stay at home with him (he was 2 months) and let all visitors go to her rather than have to dress the baby up to take him out and work around everyone.

From what I can gather she enjoyed it this way, had everyone visit and once they were all done her and her OH had xmas dinner.

Im so glad my baby isnt due until feb as this xmas we will probably be living with my mother (doing a house up) but the other prob we have is we wont be able to see both sets of grandparents on xmas day as my parents live near me and OHs are 200 miles away as he moved up to wales to be with me.
We always go to my mums, she's only 5 mins away and she always cooks a big meal for all of us, it's great.
Luckily for my inlaws live in South Africa so we don't have to alternate the years. ;)

Personally I like Christmas with a lot of people around, we wake up at home, open presents, have a play etc then get ready and go to mums at lunch time until late.
Its such a personal thing though, if you want it to be just you, then do it! I can't believe your mum is being so funny about it TBH....thinking about it I bet she thought she was getting one up on MIL? Having the baby round for first Christmas etc? Could it be that?
For DD's first Christmas she was about 6 months old. We did the same as we had done for previous years and popped to OH's mum's mid morning and then off to my mum's for dinner.

Last year we had a Christmas at home and invited people to visit us which worked really well. This year as baby is due on the 8th December I have no illusions that we'll be wanting to cook Christmas dinner and I want Christmas to be special for DD. So I've invited us to my mum's for dinner where I know it will be a relaxed affair and we'll pop to OH's mum for an hour or so too.

Next year will be different as I intend on having a stay at home Christmas but this year it's in my interests to go elsewhere! ;)

The main thing is to have a Christmas that you want - there's always Boxing day for people to visit. My advice is to put your foot down now and make a point of setting your own traditions - otherwise the longer it goes on the more of a shock it will be to relatives when you tell them NO!
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Steelgoddess said:
happy_chick said:
Your Mum should understand your reasons for wanting a nice family xmas with just the 3 of u, do you think she'll come round? x

I guess so not without making me out to be the baddie to my sister and anyone else who will listen though.

I feel so hurt and it ferels worse cause 1. I feel really hormonal atm and 2. she made me feel REALLY bad about the decision i made...

You need to find out what YOU want to do, then tell her your descision. Theres no point in having your ideal christmas ruined to keep everyone else happy. At the same time, won't he be sleeping alot anyway? So you might be glad of the company for christmas dinner?
Ok so made the decision to go round to hers in the afternoon for dinner and to make the "signal" when we're ready to go this way i guess we stay in control (ie leave when we want) whereas if they visit us they might outstay their welcome...

I sent her a txt to say we would come in the afternoon and she hasn't replied just yet, tbh im still really peeved about her, if u want her go to ohs mum comment, its deffo rubbed me up the wrong way!

Urchin maybe some truth in that, she was telling my sister how she cannot understand why i favouritise OH's mum over her?!!! WTF?!!

Anyway, drama drama!!
Hi hun

We spent Jacob's first Christmas with the in-laws as it was their turn, we alternate every year who we have our lunch with. It so happens that we will be spending Chloe's first Christmas with the in-laws again!

I decided to go to family as when the children are older they will no doubt not want to go to family and will want to stay at home with their presents and until this is the case I will enjoy having my dinner cooked for me :wink:

Whatever you decide to do hun, you will have a fab time :D


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