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Can you tell which way up baby is?


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Jun 25, 2007
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Well, after being told last week that baby is in breech, I'm pretty sure that it's still in the same position and isn't in a hurry to move! :wall:

I'm also pretty sure because compared to how I was with Harry, when baby gets hiccups I can feel them further up my tummy than down nearer my groin, and also my bladder capacity seems to be as per normal....so no head pushing down and needing to pee every 5 minutes.

Just wondering if any of you can actually tell for sure what position yours is in? It always amazes me when ladies know arms from legs and head from bum.

Pretty sure that there's no room for baby to move now. Only another week until my next MW appt and scan. :evil:
Well I know Little miss is head down because she can make some really painful drop kicks to my rib cage and it's really uncomfortable.... and I don't get any movements in my pelvis area... just slightly above my hip bone... also if shes kicking a lot up top.. I'll get the sudden urge to pee.. which I think is her using my lungs to push herself down.. hope that helps.. :think:
I get all my kicks in my bellybutton and have not woken up to wee in the night yet, which is soooo unlike when i was preg with DD, and this little one is breech. :roll:

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