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Bit worried


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Sep 15, 2007
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Am i over reacting? I am 32 weeks pregnant and am hardly showing, some people dont even know im pregnant til i point it out, i have gained approx 8lbs and saw midwife last week, she didnt seem concerned but said we need to keep a check on babys size as a little on small size, am i fussing over nothing, im having a boy and when i had my daughter was HUGE at this stage!!
If your MW isn't concerned I would say thats a good sign... and as she is going to keep an eye on you because your LO is on the small size then don't worry too much :) you'll be looked after.

I know I am carrying this baby completely differently from when I had DD and it's another little girl... I too am much smaller.

Also remember that there are some women who go through their entire pregnancy not knowing they are pregnant and not showing.. just putting on a few pounds they can't shift. :D
As long as your mw isn't too worried, then I wouldn't worry too much. It could just be the way babes is lying.

You might find that you gain a lot more weight and start to show much more in the next few weeks. xxx
Thanks for reassurance, just my hormones raging i think lol, yes you are right they will keep an eye out and im sure if anything was wrong that they,d say so asap x
I was also huge with my girl and small with this one (is a boy too) I've gained 5/6 pounds only but all is fine :hug:

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