Birth pool Filled.....

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Jun 21, 2007
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I took 15ml of castor oil last night (i have done this before) and started having contractions around 8.30 So O.H started filling the pool up....was still having them at 1am and was trying to get some rest.

Then i woke up at 7am and all gone.....


The weird thing is that the castor oil made me fart :oops: a few times and that was it......

I am not worried about it all stopping as this is exactly what happened to me last time round.....and with multi gravita ( delivered more than one child) very common.....

Have just taken another 15ml of castor oil to see if it gets me moving again......

I have only attempted the castor oil as my cervix is definitely open and dilated a bit.

It will not work if your not ready ...and just make you uncomfortable :oops: :oops:

So fingers crossed xxxxxxxx
good luck hun, i tried this with last baby and it did nothing for me :( what do you drink with the castor oil? its soooo evil tasting :puke:

Here comes another baby!!!!

Good luck :hug:
Hope it all goes well for you natural mamma, i dont think it'll be anything less than perfect as you are so confident and very focused.

Good luck! :cheer: :cheer: :hug:
Good luck, fingers crossed you'll be next :pray: :D
How you feeling now?

I expect you're relaxing in the lovely :)
OOh I had castor oil with Mason and it just gave me the runs

Good luck!

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