Bedwetting can be caused by kids getting raped in their dreams


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May 9, 2024
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Men, including what may seem like upstanding citizens in the community, can access the dream worlds of children and adults to torment and rape them. It mostly happens to boys and is one of the main causes of bedwetting because they "groom" the children by scaring them until they give in to being raped and urination is a common response to fear in humans. The children are enslaved in their dream world and these men don't let these children remember their dreams. Parents and caretakers should be careful where children sleep and who their neighbors are, even at daycares and churches, but these men can still get to the dreams of the children once they know about them.

There are other causes of bedwetting including a child having a dream where you're urinating but that type of dream can be made to cover up the tormenting and rape of the child.

The men get turned on by having a bigger penis than the boys and dominating them and making them very afraid in the dream. The men are often married to women in my experience but like young boys because many of them seem to not approve of this happening to girls (but does happen to some).

You might try asking a church for help because many people are witches (having supernatural powers) including neighbors, coworkers, and even friends and might be able to help but they often don't speak publicly about having supernatural power like this.

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