is it fair on carey?


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Sep 2, 2005
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I'm starting back to college in April as carey will be 12 weeks old by then (the age the kids have to be to join the college nursery)

im just starting to feel so guilty about it, careys been used to a quiet environment with not many people around him, i dont like the thought of putting him in a nursery with loads of other babies, and total strangers looking after him, hes only going to be 12/13 weeks old, although, its completely free to have him in there and i get to complete my cousre which will give me a better chance to give him a better upbringing, so i know its the right thing to do but im feeling guitly.

originally i was going to pay my mum to have him in the day but shes got another job now so that ddint work out!

Whats everyones thoughts on putting them in a nursery so young? and how did you find it leaving them?
im having to think abourt maybe putting ethan in a nursery maybe for just one or two days a week but befroe he goes i would ask to go and meet the people who run it and talk to ther mums that use that nursery just to put ur mind at rest im sure he will be fine and as u said it gives u a chance to not only have a break from one and other b/coz u do need one every now and then but to give u a chance to make something of urself! :lol:
I havent had mine yet but will be getting my parents to look after s/he when I go back to work, but will also be registering at the free nursery so when they are old enough and a place comes up they can go whilst he may be used to just you at the moment going to nursery will be great for him, getting used to other people and other kids, my OH neice didnt mix with other kids until she went to playschool and was really weird around other kids up until then. Also as you'll be at the college you'll be available if they need to get hold of you for any reason.
i have been freaking out totally amy bout going back to work and putting B in a nursery the thought of leaving him there is bad enough - i was ment to be going back to work in less than a month but luckily dont have to go back till 23rd march.
like zor-el sed tlk to other mums that is wot i have done to the place where B will be going!! if ur not happy with it put him into a nursery as i know with working tax not sure bout just child tax credits u get 70% of the nursery paid for - worthing looking up bout it
and as my mum keeps saying and i mean daily :evil: 'it will do them good to be with other children :evil:
mind u my mum also didnt have to work till i was 7 so like she knows wot its like to leave our babies

Well at least Carey will be close to you and when you have breaks you can go see him. And your doing yourself and him a favour by getting your education, which will be better in the long run.
Its gonna be hard i wouldnt wanna leave my baby but if you gotta do it then you have no choice and at least you know hes close to you.
Hi Amy,
Thas great you are going back to college. What are you doing? Dont worry about leaving him, it will be good for him, honestly. I hate to say it and sorry sarah 17 but your maws right, it will do him good to be with other babys.

My wee girl was left when she was 16 weeks and there is no separation anxiety, in fact quite the opposite which is slightly hurtfull, haha.

You have to do what you feel is right but you will worry more than he will.

Take care

i know laura its just i can see him crawling n stuff while he is there for the first time lol
it's a good idea to talk to some of the mums, thanks i will do that. i know what you mean sarah with the crawling thing, i know careys alot younger at the moment, but in months to come if he did crawl, walk, say his first word etc whilst being in the nursery i would be GUTTED to have missed it.
I suppose its the same for everybody really though.

ive been thinking and if i dont start back to college there going to make me start my yr over where as if i go bk this yr i can carry on and TRY to catch up on what i missed, i only left a few weeks before i had him anyway so its not even going to be half a yr ive missed out on. plus it will be harder to leave him after a yr after spending every single day with him i should imagine.

thanks for your replies, made me feel better about it.
i leave dior with a child minder she has to look after and 2 lil boys that are 7. dior seems to love it there i pay £3.50 a hr, but i think the one to one care is important and the fact dior is startin to get close to her dont bother me i thought it wouold but its nice to think she is with some one she likes. she takes dior to baby clubs and thay are always at the park and she tought dior to say mama it was so sweet :)
but its similer price for nursery and child minder ild recomend childminder like the days when dior is tired or feeling a bit ill and teethin its nice to thin k the childminder will comfort her father then her being round loads of noisy babies..

but i suppose every one has there own oppinions
i went to look at the nursery braydon will be going to and it had made me feel loads better they got CTV and so if he does crawl for the 1st time ther i will c it even if i aint there lol. also they said most babys do those things at home wen they will get the praise for it :D bet braydon will be different tho lol !!

seeing the nursery today has made me feel loads betta tho
Hey Sarah

Well im glad you like it there im so happy for you and thats nice that you can watch your baby if he does anything without you ive nevber heard of anywhere having taht.
Well talk to you soon

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