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Back to Back & head ready to engage.....


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Feb 11, 2007
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OK been to MW today and she said babys very low & is just about to engage but is back to back so I need to try and turn her asap... I've read other peoples posts as far as stuff u can do like being on all fours with bum in the air :lol:, sitting on a chair backwards, using ball, sit up straight.... have I missed anything?

Once babys head engages does this mean that she'll more than likely stay back to back or could she still turn? Lil madam, first she was breech now shes b2b :roll:

Also how bad are back to back labours? Ive heard they are really long and hard compared to normal although I know it can completely depend from person to person.

Will my SPD make a back to back labour even more hard, anyone had experience of this?
my daughter was back to back and my labour was a total nightmare, Ive been told by mw if this one is the same, I will need a section if they cant turn her.

good luck hope she turns for you
paiges_mummy said:
my daughter was back to back and my labour was a total nightmare, Ive been told by mw if this one is the same, I will need a section if they cant turn her.

good luck hope she turns for you

Can they try to turn then around that way? I thought it was only if they we're breech they try to turn them?

Why was it a nightmare if u dont mind me asking?
Tia was back to back...but my labour was short, although all my contractions were in my back which was kinda painful... my contractions were all over the place too... I didn't get a breather... they were every 2/3 minutes from beginning to end...

Also because Tia didn't engage till the last moment, she managed to get the cord round her neck and as she was back to back... with each contraction she compressed the cord... causing a drop in the oxygen which in turn made her go into distress...

With the baby back to back, it increases the chances of complications but I don't think my labour was any more painful.

My b2b labour was not nice, definately try all those things to turn her. I think any position you sit in you have your knees below your hips. Do you sit on the sofa with your feet under you? My mw said thats one of the worst positions you can sit in. Really hope she turns for you.

BTW even with the head engaged you can still turn her.

Good luck :hug:
Def spend as long as poss on all fours. Heard it's a good method. Also gather the baby can still turn and they sort of corkscrew as they descend.

Good luck Hun. As long as you're prepared for a longer more painful b2b labour.

Go for an epidural!! Sounds like you'll need it and in your case it'll be worth it. There are no prizes for going without.

My last one was a b2b labour, even though it was my 3rd it was a shorter labour but more painfull and the contractions came on thick and fast all of a sudden. I had to keep rocking my pelvis from side to side during a contraction and the midwife said this was because of the b2b labour, she gave me a birthing ball to sit n and this was bliss but then i needed the gas and air and pethedine cause it was all getting too much, i was asking for an epi but again was too late for it as it was all progressing too fast, dont know though if it was cause it was b2b or being my 3rd it was happening quicker.
alana was back to back and it caused lots of complications. if you slouch back in arm chair or some thing baby tends to turn around and slouch with you if that makes sense, so try to always sit very up right to keep baby in best postion, but best way to turn her is to get on your knees and scrub the floors :rotfl:

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