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back pain


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Nov 19, 2006
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anyone else getting really bad back pain? its horrible. had it past few hours an wont go away no matter what position i sit/lay in. an if sit or lay down my belly is like rock constantly.
argh painful. rib & back pain, teeny bit of cramps. near my hips.
should i be concerned?
:hug: :hug: I know how you feel hun, I cant lay or sit on the sofa anymore! In bed its become soooo uncomfy regardless of how many pillows I have surrounding me & propping me up.

Have you got a birthing ball? That helps me quite a lot when im in real discomfort, only problem with a birthing ball is you cant lean back to "slouch" if you know what I mean? Its still much better than being as uncomfortable as I have been.

T xx
yeah i'm getting awful back and pelvic pain at the moment too. I took the dogs for a nice 45 min walk yesterday and I have been suffering since. However I sit is uncomfortable! The only thing I find comfortable is sitting forwards hugging a pillow or for the pelvic pain, getting on all fours with bum in air slightly :lol: It seems to alleviate the pressure in the pelvic area. The only other suggestion is get your OH or a kind friend to give u a back rub :D
:hug: Have you been walking lots or lying/sitting in an awkward position?

That can do you in for ages, I would suggests a hot waterbottle first off- it really helps me with any back and hip pain I've had.

The birth ball is a very good idea too, get on that to help relieve any pressure, keep an eye on the hardness and crampyness too see if it eases or gets worse.

Hope you feel better soon.


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