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baby sling virgin!

Daniel's Mummy

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Oct 30, 2007
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Hi All

This is my first post! You all keep me so entertained with your stories and problems and it's good to know I'm not the only feeling a bit overwhelmed at times!

My LO, Daniel is 7 months old now and I want to get a baby sling that I can wear on my back as he is getting heavy now and think this will be an easier way to carry him around when I'm trying to get housework, etc done.

Which carriers do you think are best and how easy is it to put them on and get the baby in and out?!!!

Thanks in advance

Nicky :D
Hi Nicky.
Welcome to the forum :D
I use a Mei Tei which I find easy to use, and comfortable for my daughter, similiar age to your son.
I have had her on my back in twice, but mainly have her on my front, and find housework much hotter work whilst carrying her, but much much easier (especially the vaccuuming, which used to have her in floods of tears until I carried her whilst doing it).
I'm not clued up on many others, but hopefully Melanie (who is very well versed on slings) or someone else can advise if there is anything else that they think may be better for you.
I find it easy peasy getting her in on the front, and although I need practise to get her on my back, I have been able to do it both times on my own (I use the sofa to support her in & out).
The link should show not only the Mei Tei sling, but also the instructions.
I got mine from an ebay seler in USA, cost just over £20 incl. p&p and is reversible, so I get the funky pattern and if DH wants to carry Lib, he gets the plain black side :wink:
Happy baby wearing :D
I have a Babyhawk and its simple to put on with LO in, but I only wear him at the front, I only just bought it recently too and he's adapted no problems :D Like Emmylou mentioned, Melanie is the expert I believe, so hopefully she'll offer her wisdom to help you out :hug: I too got mine from ebay, a lot cheaper :wink:


Emmylou, Isaac cries at the hoover too so I put him in the Babyhawk, aren't LO's odd sometimes hehe He used to love the hoover :think:
Hi Nikki, welcome :wave:

Here's a link to a babywearing thread you may find useful - make yourself a cuppa first! :D

http://www.pregnancyforum.co.uk/forum/v ... abywearing

I've got a babyhawk mei tai which is brilliant, really comfy and easy to use. I also had a coorie fleece pouch when Evie was born (she was a winter baby and it was really snuggly for her) which suited us really well for the first couple of months.
Thanks for your replies girls. I am definately getting one in the new year :D

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