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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Chat' started by honeybear, Oct 14, 2016.

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    I'm getting really frustrated at every midwife appointment or scan I've been too due to bleeding and pains they keep adding and taking days when they feel like they've done it all the way through.

    When I had my dating scan in August it said 11 weeks 2 days and they put my due date down as 14th of March 2017

    As I had two bleeds in June it's annoying me I can't work out when I roughly conceived as I was on the pill and started it that month.

    Cycles where roughly 29-31 days almost to the day for a while.

    So I'm thinking I must have got caught between the 16th-24th of June as I got a 1-2 digital result on July 5th

    Is.this about right?
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    The official due date they go off should be from your dating scan at about 12 weeks. Later on scans are not very accurate at saying how far along you are because babies start growing at different rates. And too early they are so small its hard to measure.

    June 21st would give you a due date of March 14th which seems to make sense with your calculations. Of course it is always give or take a few days.
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