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Advice pls


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Feb 1, 2007
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Iv decided im definately gonna start doing a bed time routine with lola.has anybody got any advice?or any do's and dont's! Thanks. Oh and how long should i let her cry for if she wakes up when i put her to bed?
hey hun the only advice i have for u is what i was told.

- allways stick to ur bedtime
- have a simple routione that baby can get use to i.e top'n'tail,read book, lights down low ,bottle then bed.
-let baby fall asleep on they own

it will be hard for maybe the first week or so but u have to keep on it. and it will be hard when u have to leave her to cry for a minute then go back to her but keep on it hun.

about the crying what i do is-

leave her when she is cry moaning ( becaause she might be trying to fall asleep),when she starts to proper cry i leave her for 1 minute then go to her (increasing this by 1 minute each time till i get to 5 minutes leaving her to cry) i go to her and put my hand on her chest and say sshhhh,she'l calm down then i leave.

hope this helps you ( hope u understand to im crap at explaing things)
keep posting on ur achievments.

good luck
:hug: :hug:
We never did start a routine with Isaac, he dictates it himself, so my only advice would be to do whatever feels comfortable and check online for other people's advice as to what worked or didn't for them :hug: And don't try and rush anything, things forced on LO's are never received well, very best wishes :hug:
don't know how old your LO is but we started a bedtime routine with Dylan when he was about 2 months

start with bath
supper in mommys bed then into his bed.

he took to it really well i started his bedtime at 9om as thats generally when he was going down for the night but as he got used to it we gradually moved it back and when he started sleeping in later we moved it back 15 mins at a time and he now goes at 7.30

They do not recomend controlled crying for under 6 months olds as they say they cry to get needs met

good luck

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