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advice from me


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Sep 4, 2007
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Just wanted to share this with you, every month up until now I've been using a lubricant for obvious reasons lol. I was using the Durex Play lubricant which yes I highly recommend as it's brilliant but I don't recommend using whilst trying to catch for a baby. This month I decided not to use the lube incase it was taking away my chances of falling pregnant and woohoo would you know it I'm pregnant so my advice is if you're trying to get pregnant do not use lube unless it's the one you can use while you're trying to get pregnant. I don't know the name of it but i'm sure someone on here will know. I've heard even KY Jelly can decrease your chances of falling pregnant so be careful with what you use.
I fell preg while using lube but yeah i have heard it decreases ur chances although how true this is I dont know. The sperm friendly lubricant I think you mean is called pre-seed and can be bought on the internet :)
Yes, most lubricants (including KY) will be the wrong pH even if they don't contain spermicide. Bit like planting an alkaline-loving plant in the wrong compost - you might not have poured weedkiller all over it, but it will struggle to survive in an acid environment!

The recommended one for TTC is Pre-Seed - designed to be the same pH as semen.

I think I read somewhere that Clear Blue have just brought out a lubricant as well.

I also read that saliva is the wrong ph so oral sex on you and/or him can decrease your chances best to avoid around the crucial time of month!
Thanks for that, I didn't have a clue about this and we've been using some tingly KY stuff all month :( Let's hope oh has extra strong sperm....!
I didn't know about the saliva bit!
I've conceived 3x and have def used at least saliva every time (may have used lube at least once too but I can't really remember!) so I guess it depends on other circumstances too......but I'll def be giving up the KY next month, to maximise chances! :doh: - it seems so obvious now!
Saliva contains enzymes and acids that break down food substances. They also break down the protein-rich semen, and can attack the sperm themselves. Again, it's not as though you're actually pouring spermicide all over the sperm - just gradually breaking down the source of nutrients that enable them to survive longer. It's still highly possible to conceive, if your intercourse is well-timed, but it just means that the sperm won't be hanging around as long.

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