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Dec 22, 2015
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Hi ladies

I'm just looking for a little encouragement please

I'm breastfeeding my 9 week old but mentally I'm finding it really tough and I'm close to quitting.

I'd hate to quit. I'm so pro-breastfeeding and I love it. I breastfed my first until 2 weeks before her first birthday, my aim had been to get to 6 months and I'd love to get to 6 again.

I'm just finding it so tough being the only one able to settle my baby, DD1 is only 3 so needs attention to. Their dad bless him tries but really struggles to settle her, the big problem time is between 5 and 8pm where she's just really unsettled but obviously that falls on dinner time and dd1s bedtime to. I've tried 4 different dummy brands to try and persuade baby to take one to help settle her but she won't. My Mil had her for a while yesterday but she refused a bottle and I had to leave a party early, that didn't bother me in itself but I just feel down as I feel like no one else will ever be able to take her.

DD1 was the same and for the first year she wouldnt go to anyone. She did take a dummy so my husband could look after her while I made dinner etc but I couldn't leave her as she flat out refused a bottle, it didn't bother me too much as I was so happy to be breastfeeding and didn't want to leave her anyway but this time it's so much harder as I want a little bit more flexibility to spend time with dd1

I'm going to try and battle through for 2 more weeks. DD1 is going to nursery for 3 days so I'm hoping to get us into a good routine in the hope I'll be able to space feeds more etc but at the minute my head is fried and I just want to stop, I'll be so upset to give formula

Any experiences or encouragement would be greatly received. Sorry for the huge essay but I had to get it out
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Have you tried expressing? That would certainly free you up and allow dad to help with settling the little one! If all else fails you can always get breast milk from other mums so baby will still get all the goodness and gives you some freedom?
Thanks for replying. I used to express with dd1 just to have some for porridge etc but I'm not keen this time.I did think about it last night and I think I might try on the days dd1 is at nursery but not when she's home. I'm not taking time to feed the baby and then more time to express it's not fair on her
It can feel overwhelming sometimes. If you're determined to continue then giving it a couple more weeks is a good idea. It will get easier!

Have you got a sling? Maybe carrying baby in the day time would free up your hands to spend a bit of time with your older child?

If baby does like a sling then her dad could comfort her, using it, while you get a chance to put your older child to bed. If you haven't already been using a sling it might take a while to get baby used to it but generally a walk outside will settle them and they will realise it's nice to be snuggled up close to mum or dad.

I really wish you the best. I know how heartwrenching it can be when you want to do the best but you are struggling. You're doing amazing, it's just finding ways to help life flow easier for everyone, and once you find that balance you'll feel a lot more settled. x

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Thanks for replying

I do have a sling and love it, it's funny husband actually suggested last night that he will try it. He hadn't wanted to, I think he just feels a bit odd but he can see I'm getting myself stressed so will try it

I'm sure it will get easier if I battle through

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