First few days of breastfMesseeding before milk comes in....


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Apr 10, 2005
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Hi everyone

I've only been back home for a few hours but already paranoid has set in! Olivia is latching on ok but seems to fall asleep every time I try and feed her (breastfeeding), so I'm worried she isn't getting enough fluid? She's only a day old so maybe this is normal? The midwife will be round tomorrow but I was just after some advice from you guys ! I can see the clear liquid coming from my boob when it's squeased so I know she will be getting something when she's on the boob but I don't think it's enough?


Proud mummy to Olivia, 1 day old
Trust me, if she is hungry you will hear her go one!
But seriously, if she isnt getting enough fluid her nappies will be dry.
Take care
hi hun, congratulations on the birth of baby Olivia. newborns usually fall asleep on the breast. as for her not getting enough i would say sheis, it took a while for my milk to come in so i couldn't satisfy seren and she absolutely screamed till she got a top up of formula. if olivia is feeding ok, falling asleep etc i would say you are lucky and have a baby that only needs to feed for a short while til she's full. a mum i met at breastfeeding clinic was worried as her baby only fed for 5 mins but he has put on loads of weight. sounds like you are doing great xx
if she is hungry she will take it, she may be in a bit of shock of the delievery braydon didnt feed properly for a week MW thought it was coz of shock coz he was delieverd in 40 mins
love Sarah Braydon and Bump
Lucy said:
I can see the clear liquid coming from my boob when it's squeased so I know she will be getting something when she's on the boob but I don't think it's enough?

One other thing I was told is tht it is tough to express colostrum 9the clear liquid). I was told to express and couldn't get anything out after half an hour. The midwife saw me in tears and said that you can't really express colostum easily due to its texture or something but it did not mean that I was producing nothing, she could have told me that half an hour earlier x
Thanks for all your replies, it has made me relax a bit (sorry for all the spelling mistakes as well!).

She hasn't been through many nappies yet as she's only just over 24 hours old but I'll remember to check if they are wet from now on.

Olivia 1 day old
Hi hun...Charlotte is the same. I struggled to feed her for 1st 2 days, she had to have expressed milk in a little cup, thought id failed. Once my milk came in she fed great, i still have to give her a little cheek a stroke to awake her, she only feeds for 10 - 15 mins tho, which worries me, but im going on the theory that she'll let me know if she wants more.
my mw said about the wet nappies too.
good luck x
Brody wasn't ineterested in feeding at all for the first few days, but this is quite normal. Letting them have a little suck should be enough then when they get more of an appetite you milk should be coming in.
Well done for giving breastfeeding a try, it's well worth it...stick with it if you can!

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