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A little bit worried.............


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Nov 12, 2007
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Hi girls, hope you had good weekends.

I had my first M/W app, which was pretty uneventful and not as exciting as I had hoped. I have my U/S on Friday which I’m starting to get a little apprehensive over…… it’s a long story.

When I first found out I was pregnant I assumed I was 6 weeks but was on the pill so tehre was room for movement. Me and OH went private as my doc wouldn’t see me before 8 weeks and OH was off to America in two days. Well this Doc was quite scary and insisted on doing a U/S as he thought I must be at least 6 weeks. He did a U/S and told me I had a blighted ovum or an ectopic pregnancy or maybe there was a slim chance I was just 4 weeks pregnant but this wasn't likely at all. I was devastated to be told this and just went home to ‘wait’.

I then saw my regular docs who said what happened was nonsense and I was probably to early to see anything on an U/S as the pill can mees up ovualtion/ cycles. Well 8 weeks later I’m still pregnant and no bleeding or cramps just bad M/S, but I’m still worried I’m going to be told the same thing on Friday which would be devastating. What is the likely hood of this, I know no one is a doc but I just need some re-assurance.
I'm no expert on it but from what I've read about blighted ovum elsewhere, if you are 12 plus weeks then chances are something would have happened by now with regards to it. I don't have links to hand atm on it but I am figuring you have read up on it anyways.

I'd just try and relax about it. If you are feeling 'pregnant' then keep positive and try not to worry.

The problem with seeing different doctors is that chances are they will have different opinions. Most MW's and GP's don't book in till 8 weeks plus as there is nothing to be done before then with most pregnancies, so his saying that is not uncommon practice. And scans are not done as a rule until at least 12 weeks unless there is a medical emergency/reason to warrant it. I think you having a scan so early has probably caused you more worry than if you had left it till the 12 weeks, because as your GP said, the pill can cause all kinds of hiccups in your reproductive system.

I know its not much comfort, but please try to keep positive and hold on to the thought that you feel pregnant (either sore boobs, nausea, tiredness etc) and carry that with you and think positive.
Stay positive, i am sure everything will be ok.

i was so scared before my scan, but when i saw heart beat it all melted away.

I can understand how you feel, when i MC in september no fetal pole could be found in the sack but i was 5 weeks and was told to go home because that was to early to be sure. When i dd go back two was found but unfortunatly i did miscarrie but that wasn't nothing to do with nothing being found.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope everything goes ok for you hun xxx

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