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2 Questions: First movements & Baby Bump!!


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Jun 18, 2006
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Hi Ladies,

I'm nearly approaching my 2nd tri and wondered when I can excpect to feel those first movements and when that baby bump usually tends to appear??!!


S :wave:
hiya :wave:
i got a tiny bump at about 12/13 weeks, but then people could start to tell i was pregnant when i was about 19/20 weeks.
i didnt feel any movements at all until i was 21 weeks :(
i felt a vague popping that might have been LO at about 15 weeks, but like kimbo, it was pretty late on that i started feeling actual movements. even now, i only feel them in certain places but i have an anterior placenta so am kinda shielded from them at the front.

i think my bump started looking noticable at about 16 weeks... its very definitely a pregnant bump now :cheer:

everyone is different though - its quite easy to worry or get jealous if you're behind other people - i know cos i was :oops: but we all progress in our own way so you shouldn't try and compare too much :hug: :hug:
I had a slightly different experience...I started showing about 13 weeks and i have quite a definite/ noticeable bump now, i've only just started feeling weird movements and twinges...no real thumps or kicks yet :hug:
I first felt baby around 18 weeks, my hubby could feel him at 22 weeks and I started showing about 24 weeks - in fact my bump grew overnight!
I can see that I have a pregnant belly, but other people don't unless they know I am pregnant. A pupil at school made a comment about me being thin this week - I didn't know whether to feel happy that she didn't think I was fat (I feel fat as nothing fits me) or disappointed that she couldn't tell I am pregnant :D
I've still not felt baby. Sometimes I think 'oh, is that him?' but it always turns out to be a rumbly tummy. :? I'd like to feel kicks but I think that there will come a time when I just want to get to sleep without being kicked to bits so I'll just enjoy the peace for now!
When I was about 34 weeks pregnant and still teaching - and feeling HUGE, it came as a big surprise to the kids I was teaching (yr 6s!) that I was pregnant - yet one of the children in the nursery asked me whether I had a baby in my tummy!

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