1 Year Old won't Drink from Other Bottles or Eat Solids


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Jul 9, 2021
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Hey everyone. So me and my wife didn't start thinking about this until recently, but our soon-to-be 1 year old daughter consistently refuses to eat actual solid food (blueberries, banana slices, etc) or drink from sippy cups/other bottles other than her normal baby bottle (Philips Avent). She's been eating pureed foods, puffs, yogi melts, baby graham crackers, etc, just fine.

My wife read somewhere that babies/toddlers can start getting tooth decay if they drink from a bottle past 1 years old, which i think is a little bit too unbelievable. We also started feeding her milk recently, which she doesn't seems to have a problem with but thought i'd throw it in here.

We've tried putting solid foods/other bottles in front of her to try, putting it up to her mouth to try, having one of us eat/use it in front of her and then offer it to her, etc. We've tried all of these several times over the past couple weeks with no success.

If she goes on long enough, she'll keep crying to the point she is raspy and struggles to cry. We offer her and she refuses, then kept coming back to her with it with still the same result.I did this scenario with her and vegetables at about 7 or 8 months old after feeding her solids a couple months already.

Eventually, she got to the point where she would eat the vegetables by themselves once, but she's not doing it this time with solids or other bottles.

Anybody have any advice on how to encourage her to try either?
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