I don't have any experience with it myself but my friends child is three abd said literally nothing until just before his third birthday... He then understood a few words but didn't really say them until a few months later. Now he seems to have just suddenly developed quite quickly and is saying sentences and has really come along leaps and bounds.

Does he communicate with you in other ways? By pointing and thing like that? Dies he show recognition of what things are?
My eldest little boy could only say 3 words at 2 years 9 mths, (mummy , No and Bob), and then he started a nursery at about 3 - for a couple of hours a few times a week, it really was the making of him!

He was a "pointer and grunter ", I had to repeat words and pretend I didn't understand when he pointed too, to try and help drum some words in, as I don't think I helped by understanding him in our own special way. Unless there is an underlying cause, and I would push them to check these other issues you meantioned just to rule that out and save worry for you.

Is he a only child at the moment? so no others at home to hear lots of words from them ? Does he go to a nursery and interact much with other kids? as they learn from other kids I think
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Maybee he does feel pressure to speak, especially if the speach therapist has been working on him for a long time. Maybee if left to his own devices at nursery he will soon start saying more words. What about a word star chart at home just for you and him to share, and you can add a new word each week on a little card (he could pick it himself from a jar), stick it on the chart and get stickers for each time he used the word? Star charts are brilliant for behavior etc so was just thinking why wouldn't it work with words too?
He could stick his own sticker on in the box for the day he said the word! Maybee if it worked, you could work with nursery to let you know if he said anything when there to them , and also maybee they have words they are working on or using that term ?

He might see that using words can be fun and he may go from strength to strength?
You know him best , so maybee you will have more luck that the profesionals?
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My son was the same, when he started nursery he was just over 3 and could so hardly nothing, he to was seeing the speech therapist she also went to the nursery once a week to work with him which helped, i know with me saying he will get better with words sounds silly at the moment but he will DO, Morgan's words started of slowly but he come on leaps and bounds after about half a year in nursery after about 4 months he could say " no, school, day" it didn't sound quite like that but he was trying to say it. that doesn't sound much but from nothing to that was brill, Morgan got very frustrated when he couldn't talk, form words or when we didn't understand what he wanted cos he couldn't tell us it also led to him being disruptive in nursery cos he couldn't talk, when he did finally start to learn words it was hard to understand he would say things like " Bab beam" which meant ice cream, Morgan is now over six and we still struggle to understand what he's saying some of the time, but your son will get there, keep us all posted on his progress Hun. x
he will , and it will be so worth the wait X

I do understand what you mean about the star chart and not wanting to be mean if he is struggling.
You could always not ask him to say words , and yet still have a talking sticker chart, and when you feel he has suddenly come out with a word, like he is using daddy, lots of praise and over to the chart to stick on a sticker, you don't have to sell the chart to him, the reward will be enougth , he does sound like he is good understanding things, so i bet he makes the connection between words and suddenly getting stickers very quickly, with no negative or overdoing it outcome, he can choose his own words this way, when ready

keep up your good work tho, I imagine it is more draining on you to be talking him through it all
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My friend's youngest has only just started to talk at age 5, and if it's any consolation it's now getting him to stop that's hard. He went to psychologists and other people, a specialist nursery and has a teaching assistant and speech therapy for 18 hours a week at school, and it didn't really achieve anything except they said it was a form of controlling behaviour. He'd make the pitch of the words but not actually form the word itself, he knew and understood everything that was said to him and his other senses were all fine.

One thing we have noticed with him is if we try to teach him a new word he goes very shy, even with his mum. All of a sudden he has just started talking coherently although we all still struggle to understand some words he says. When he descends into Louie-land however he still reverts back to "baby" speak sometimes
Thanks For ur help!

He's got that gold dust appointment with the paediatrician tomorrow morning, not entirely sure what she's going to do, but I think she just checks him over for anything causing a physical problem. I've also completed one hell of a questionnaire for his speech therapist so once she's gone through my answers she said she will contact me.

So il see what tomorrow brings..... :)

Ps he's now saying mama, dada, car, home, and choo choo all without prompting :)

So definitely getting there.... Slowly!xxxx
Hi, my son is almsot 4 1/2 and we had similar worries. At 3 he was not talking much at all. We had to fight to get him seen by a speech therapist. We got his hearing tested and that came back fine. He attended weekly speech therapy but he didn't like the therapist and would not work with her at all. She said he had a significant language delay and a slight understanding delay.

Once he started his 2nd year of nursery we got called in to see an educational psychologist. I was terrified as those 2 words are very scary. She was nice. She just went on about him being an only child and not having many family and friends to mix with. She wasn't too concerned and asked to review him 6 months.

DS has just started his SLT agai with a new therapist and she says that he has a language delay of 1 year and is just slightly under average for his understanding. I personally feel that his speech is coming along and I am not as worried about him as I first was. He has been offered a 5 week programme and may be discharged again. It seems to be a confidence thing with my DS.
Laura, how did you paed appointment go?
I can only go by what my mum said about me,
I hardly said a word until I was about 4, it's not that I couldn't I just wouldn't. I would just make sounds for what I wanted and reached towards them. My mum said it drive her mad and no matter what she did I just wouldn't speak! If she wouldn't give me what I wanted until I asked for it properly I just went off and sulked but was stubborn enough I wouldn't ask lol

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