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Go Rosieroo!! :lol: Y our MD sounds like a right w*nker 'scuse my french. I really hope this get's sorted asap sweetie! I'd like to say I hope you're better enough to return to work soon but by the sounds of it I wouldn't want to go back there.

Good luck and let us know how u get on xx
I have been thinking about you recently i am so glad you have kept us posted!!! I can't wait to hear what he has to say about this!!!
i have told you this a million times but i would love to give this bloke a piece of my mind!!!!

Good luck!

Hi Rosieroo

That letter is brilliant! Would love to see the look on his face when he read that. I bet he got in touch with his legal bods in a right old panic. :lol:

Everything is documented really well in your letter and is really clear. I read it seeing both sides i.e. knowing what an arse he's been to you and thinking how I would feel as an employer reading it (can never shake off the HR hat!). I'd be horrified to receive something like that, it's absolutely spot on!

Keep us informed, what possible defence can he have?!

You go girl! That letter was fab! Hope he couldn't sleep!

Thanks ladies :)

I just came to the end of my tether to be honest. He underpaid my ssp at the end of June by approx £120. Which when you are only getting £68.20 a week is quite a lot! When I queried it with him he didn't bother to reply apart from to say that they were looking into their figures - when I chased him up he said any adjustment, if any, would be in my July wages, which personally I didn't feel was good enough. Especially as he unlawfully withheld my May SSP until June and I don't even know if that has been paid properly.

I'm not looking forward to the meeting, but I don't think they he should be forcing me out of my job like this. I am feeling a lot stronger now than I was in my 1st trimester. I sent a copy of the email to my old MD (who is now Commercial Director) and my line manager (who is Commercial Manager) as I felt they had a right to know I had raised a grievance.
Yes this is the time to get him! I don't know about you but I just seem to have developed a really forceful streak that I've never had before! I just seem to want to suffer things less and get stuff moving! Wonder if it'll last! My husband is very amused!

Rosieroo you've done the right thing your letter is brill and I hope everything turns out well for you. Keep us posted on his reply!!
I am glad you are fighting your corner here. I went through all this at the beginning of the year and never went back, I did the letter, meeting, discussions scenario and in the end I won and got a good financial settlement before taking them to court, which I would have done if they had not paid out.

t's so bad they just expect us to give up and take it!

You go girl!!

Will you take someone with you in your meeting? I did and it helps.

Good luck :)
hi hun

have you heard anything yet since the above?

i havent been on for a while andyour post was the first i checked!! LOL

good luck!!

it looks as though he has realised he is in the shit!!!

Awww I know it can't be doing you any good at the moment all this stress! At keast you know where you stand legally and have a chance of getting back what he owes you. I really hope you get this - he is being a ******* and you deserve to have been treated better.
Man they are playing a nasty game - what they are doing is illegal and like you said they are not following the legal guidelines for a dispute.

My company tried to drag things out by they did comply within the timescales, your boss has not got a clue what to do and this will be his undoing.

I have some info here (weblinks) with help on if you need any. I am also happy to copy and paste my greivance letter to you via pm and other docs (without names on of course) - just let me know !!

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