Windy baby-infacol?

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Jul 21, 2008
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Hi all :wave:

Sydnee's a very windy baby, but it's very difficult to bring up, even my mum, MIL, Great Aunt and the MW all struggled with little result-seasoned burpers imo! She can get very distressed with it, especially in an evening/night, and pulls faces, goes a bluey colour round her mouth, pulls her knees up, won't settle, cries a lot etc etc

It's awful and very upsetting, but we've tried all the various positions etc and it's very rare we'll bring her wind up.

Anyway, someone suggested infacol, I thought I'd ask for some unbiased opinions on the product.
I haven't used Infacol as my sister didn't recommend it. I got that Dentinox instead. Slightly cheaper and a bigger bottle. Seemed to work for us. It just stinks.
We used Infacol and it did work. I would use it again next time too if need be :)
Ivys the same she didnt burp for the first 2weeks! And now she holds on to them like she will get a prize! I've been giving her infacol and I find it does help. She still gets it stuck but she is better at burping it was kind of like it taught her how to burp!
we use gripe water but i think baby needs to be 4 weeks for it. it seems to work well
We found Infacol great for our LO. It makes all the small air bubbles combine to form large ones that are easier for baby to burp up.

Takes a few days to really take effect and needs to be given before each feed.

If you are breastfeeding then I'd recommend Infacol, formula you will be better off with something else, probably Colief (iirc).

How do you wind her? Have you tried over your knee? Used to find that got loads up for our LO when small.
We have exactly the same problem as you, i tried infacol for a week and a half it was great for the first few days then made no difference, then gripe water when she got to a month - no difference, and finally Dentinox which seems to make her sick

Our health visitor suggested putting her on Cow and Gate comfort as it is that little bit thicker and apparently has less lactose in it which some babies dont like and in the week that she has been on it she has gone from putting on 3 0z in 10 days to 6 oz in 6 days! so although she we still struggle to get her wind up, she doesnt have as much.

I had the same problem with Evie. We used Infacol which was brilliant. It does take about 3/4 days to work though. I would recommend it.

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