Why isn't it easy?


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Aug 13, 2005
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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and just finding my way round. I have been TTC (with the help of my OH of course, since Jan) but so many of my friends are also finding it hard to conceive, one is on Clomid, my best chum has had two miscarriages and one of my colleagues at work is about to start IVF. What's going on??!!
I wish it was easy too!! I must admit we had good luck them bad...we caught pregnant on the first try having given up the pill in January and deciding we would try as of our holiday to Canada in May and came back pregnant, couldn't believe it until at 5.5 weeks I had a miscarriage

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way, I would have preferred having tried longer and had a successfull pregnancy but at least we know we can conceive...hubby has grown off the joke of supersperm now :)

Good Luck and keep trying, it will happen soon I'm sure!
hi hun its only when u come on forums like this that u realise just how many ppl find it difficult to concieve, but we all have decided august is the month for us so add ur name to the thread and lets see if all this positive thinking gets us anywhere :wink:
good luck xxxxxx
Hi gals,

Really sorry to hear that you miscarried mdsremos, glad you are able to take the positives from it, that's sure to stand you in good stead. I will certainly add my name to the list of positive thoughts for August Rach, guess it's gotta happen some time - fingers and everything else crossed for us all!! Baby boom for May 06?? :p
Hi Dippy

I got preg within 2 months 1st time thn lost baby at 16 weeks trying again now. Just got 2nd BFN. It's hard not to get disheartened. Lets all keep positive together I'm aiming for May or June'06 aswell. Baby dust storms to all ttcxx :wink:

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