Who to believe the scan or midwife?


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Jun 14, 2005
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Hi im 31 weeks pregnant this is my first baby, when i was 20 weeks i had a scan everything was fine and the baby was very active but the baby was 8 days younger than the mid wifes dates, she decided not to change my due date but i was thinking what if the baby hasnt come n they try to induce me but the baby wont be ready to come out>? my mid wife said the dates dont need to be changed, a cover mid wife that i had once said they should?
I personally would go with the scan - it's the scan that gives you a date in each instance isnt it? I know I'm still early days but mine has changed 3 times so far from each scan and my midwife does change them. Have a word with your GP or if possible another midwife?
Thank you for replying...
I also got told that i dont get another scan now...so id of had only one scan through the whole of pregnancy. im sure u used to get at least two.
I think some area's in UK are different, but usually you have a dating scan at 12 weeks, then another scan at 20 weeks to check the baby over and to see if there are any apparent problems.

I had my first scan at 20 weeks and wont get any more. They told me they couldnt fit me in because they dont have enough stuff....
Midwife said unfortunatelly it sometimes happens :?

That's a big load of poo! YOU and YOURE BABY are priority - sod the staffing levels. I would have gone to another hospital :(
Sorry you got treated like this - I really am....
I would go with the date of the scan too...But my dr had a lot of discrepancies with my due date this time around...1st is was October 4th...Then the 28th...Then the 11th...Then when I had my scan it said the 25th...My obgyn said even if a subsequent scan shows a different date we will still keep October 25th as the due date...Maybe it is just standard...They give or take 2 weeks when giving you a due date anyhow...Hope this helps...
i've had three dates too from the miriam stoppard book dates calculator i was due on the 8th of august, my dating scan said the 13th of augusdt, and a midwife said 21st august!!
i'm aiming for the 13th thats sort of midway!
i had a scan at 12 and 20 weeks - some county health authorities only do one scan.
yeah im in england westyorkshire bradford. and i thought we got 2 sacns 1 at 20 weeks and another at about 36 weeks. but we dont get one not even if we wanna know the sex of the baby, we only get another one if there is cause for concern... i think we should get at least 2 just so we know everything is well n if we want to know what sex the baby is.
thats weird! The whole point int eh dating scan is for dates! Nothing else as why its called a Dating scan, You should say this to her, my date had been put back 4 days and im happy with this, as the original date is alwasy inaccurate as people have different cycles, ovulation dates etc.
Go with your Scan!!!!!
i would prefer to go with the scan coz obviously thats how old the baby is but, the baby is actuallly showing as a 32 n a half wek old,but by the scan it should be 31 weeks.. i know round about when the baby will be born kind of lol some time in august lol..

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