Who Is Due March/April?


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May 3, 2005
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Hello! I thought I would be nosey and see who is due around this time! I know Kelly is due on the same day as me, but don't really know of anyone else due around then.

My due date by me - 1st April

My due date by hospital - 6th April

With all the goings on I think my Little Bean will come a bit early, but who knows?! :D :D

My date was 3rd March but scan and midwife put it at 25th Feb, still think it will be march though!!
Hi Jenny,

I'm due 25th April so one of the last ones to fall under April.

Everyone in my family has always been late so will probs be May anyway!!

Hi Girls,

I'm due on the 15th April but would love it if he came early, I quite like the sound of the 4th! don't know why tho. Loads of people keep telling me to have him on certain days as its there birthday, like I have a choice!
My DH wants him to be a couple of days late, he finishes work at 2 O'clock on the 15th & is off until the 9th May!

Are you all ready for baby yet or do you still have stuff to buy? I've been very organised & only need a few little bits, we need to put the nusery furniture together too, quite impressed with myself! :lol:

We are pretty organised too. Like you we still have to put the furniture together, well my OH does, we suddenly accumulated most of the things we needed just after christmas. Ive told him we need to set up the crib soon though after the scare last week!

Im almost mentally ready for the baby too. I can't quite yet imagine what it's all going to be like, but im very, very excited!!!! :D :D

hiya everyone :D can I join your thread? lol I'm due 7th april with my first and we've got a girl yay! :D we've got the nursery stuff etc but it still feels like there's loads to buy and get ready.....how's everyone feeling? i've been getting quite a few BH but apart from that ( and the heartburn ARRRRGGGGG! ) i'm good! Has anyone got any names picked? take care all! luv kels xx
Hello Kellie!!

We have a girls name sorted - Lola May , but we are undecided about a boys name, we just know the middle name will be Thomas. What about you?

hiya jenny :D I love lola may! i think that goes really well together and sounds lovely! we're completed undecided, we really can't agree on anything we both like..... i like things like ruby and piper (although noone else does :cry: lol) but dh wont have either, he says people will say we chose ruby coz of eastenders and piper coz of charmed...dunno if you watch that lol . Any suggestions would be very appreciated lol xxx
I love the name Ruby!!My OH is exactly the same, if I suggest a name, he says that it reminds him of a famous person or something else. I then told him our baby won't be the only one with that name in the whole world, he didn't reply to that!lol! Men are very strange! :shock:

P.S. Thankyou about Lola May, Ive always wanted that. If we have a girl then we are sorted, but we are in trouble if we have a boy! I like Dylan, George, and Harry. We can't decide!! :roll:

lol what are they like eh?! they're just lucky we wouldn't be without them hehe :D :D :p
hiya can i join this thread too?!?
im due 2nd april and its a girl. i keep changing my mind for names!!
i need to go shopping for nursery stuff and everythin! i have bought nothin so far lmao!
love xx willow xx
Hello Willow! Welcome!!! :D Your due the day after me!yay! Are you excited? :D :D

yes i am a bit but not much lol
i dont know what to feel!!
love xx willow xx
jenny, you and i have VERY similar name tastes...
mine are not definate as i'm waiting to see my wee minx but one of the names i've been stuck on for ages now for a girl is Zoe Lola (lola was my cat and my friend). and for a boy tom is on my short list for first names :lol:

anyway sorry i butted into your section here
hope the last stretch is going well for you all
Hey Everyone! Hope all is well!

I am due according to me and my doctor on 7th March but the hospitals EDD is 12th March.

Decided a long long time ago that bump was being called Alex regardless of sex, makes life a whole lot easier picking a unisex name, so many other things we'll all be worrying about from now on!

I am due 7th March too! My date has never changed - which I find odd, as being on here I see that most people have a couple of dates to go by.

My Mum and D/H think I'm going to be early - sometimes I think i will be too - but I guess that may just be wishful thinking! :D - 38/39 weeks will suit me fine!

L x
Pips- My little sister is called Zoe, and It's so nice. I suppose seeing the baby will make your mind up, im worried I'll have to chose a completely different name!!lol!

Lisa31- I was given 21st March, 1st April, and now 6th April!!!They kept changing their minds, I wasn't impressed! :lol: So that's why Ive chosen the 1st April to focus on (April Fools I know!!!) It coincides with when I think we conceived.

I keep having dreams about Bean, in them the baby is always a girl, but a 3 year old!!lol! It just shows you how much I can't get my mind around having a little baby! Lets hope it isn't the size of a 3 year old! :shock:

Hi all.

Im due on 4th March, although lots of people seem to think I will be late. I think DH would be very happy if baby is late as his beloved Leicester city have a good home game on our due date and he doesnt want to miss it!! Priorities hey :)!
Hi all im due on the 1st March.......but im measuring big and at my last mw appointment LO had started to engage so im hoping he will b early! Im back at the mw tomorrow so im hoping things have progressed.....hes prob popped back out though!

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