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When to see doctor/midwife for first time?


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Nov 16, 2007
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Hi all, glad to find this site!

Am just begining my sixth week, found out last week, and tried to make a doctors appointment this morning. They said I don't need to see the doctor or come in at all until 8 weeks, when I'll have my first midwife appointment.

Is this normal? All my friends who have kids/are pregnant saw a doctor straight away to get a once over, should I insist or is it standard to wait until 8 weeks?

I just called the docs and booked an appointment.. i refuse to discuss anything with the receptionists cos they usually try and do what they have to you.

I went to docs and got confirmed at 6 weeks, its right they can't do anything really but pass details to your midwife who you'll prb see at about 8-10 weeks but it's nice just to have it confirmed :hug: :hug:
Thanks :)

It's just my doctors are generally a bit slack, so now I'm pregnant I'm going to change soon anyway, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some vital appointment/check-up in the meantime! Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

I don't really need it confirming as I've already done 6 or 7 test and have another 3 or 4 spare to put my mind at rest over the coming fortnight, how paranoid is that?! :oops: :roll:

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