When is it usual to give up work??


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Jan 22, 2005
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Hi girls!

I am 31 weeks and was just wondering when most people gave up work...starting to get tiredness back now. I have also found out I am anaemic (I know that this is not an emergency). What would all of you advise?

Still no joy in the bedroom, although it is the last thing I want to do now!!!! (wouldn't mind DH trying though - pigs might fly!!!!!) Anyone else in this position (no punn intended)

Julia xxx
i gave up at 34 weeks as my company would not allow me to work longer
Hi Julia

I worked until I was 36 1/2 wks pregnant, I had quite a long daily commute and was glad when I no longer had to have the hassle of public transport!

A colleague at work is finishing at 29 wks and my friend worked until she was 39 wks so I think it really is a personal thing depending on how you are feeling in your pregnancy.

People warned me not to finish too early as I'd get bored if the baby was late but to be honest if my littly one is another 2wks in coming I can't see myself getting bored at home as I find lots to keep busy and am surprised I had time to work before :wink:

39 + 6
I think legally you can work up to 38 weeks, but having just done it I wouldn't advise it!!

I had to tell my employer at 25 weeks at which point I was, as they say, blooming and felt great. Having been exhausted for the first 4 months I'd got my energy levels back and felt I could carry on up to the birth if necessary. However, by 36 weeks I was flagging and I was just about weeping with relief as the last few days rolled around.
Hi hun,

Sorry to hear you're not getting any action! I'm in the same club, not that I really want it but a little attention every now and again wouldn't go amiss!

I finished work on the 23rd Jan and its total bliss. I do keep thinking i should be going in and does feel strange knowing I haven't got to, nice though. My official maternity leave doesn't start until the 19th March but I had loads of leave to use up and as at this stage don't plan on going back to work thought i'd take it before baby arrives as its winter & cold and I hate getting up early when its cold! Also I can't walk very far at all without being in pain so thought it would be better to rest etc at home.

I think it really is a personal choice when people finish and also comes down to circumstance. I'm very lucky that I can finish this early but it is lovely!!!

What do you think you'll do?

Take Care.

Nicki.x :D
hi i finish work this friday and am due on the 20th feb, only leaving it this short of my due date due to the fact i sit down all day at work and work isnt too stressfull. honestly i wish id given myself another week off just to put my feet up as my ankles have now turned into huge puddings. i also have found that when i get up out of my seat i sometimes get a pulling feeling at the bottom of my tummy.

I finished on Friday - also aneamic and started to find teaching and planning/marking a real drain...first day off today and lovin' it but its bloody typical that i've come down with a cold!

I was gonna go upto 38 weeks but really couldn't manage anymore and i thought (and everyone kept telling me) i should make the most of relaxation at home without my little one.

Juz x
I think legally you can work right up until the birth if you choose but by law you must take 2 wks off post birth.

I used 3wks annual leave so my official maternity leave only started on Sunday as I plan to take a year off and otherwise would have to wait until December to get paid for my holiday entitlement (this way I'll only wait for 3 wks annual leave pay in December instead of whole year entitlement).

39 + 6

I think it depends on what you are able to do. Right from the beginning I told everyone (including work!) that I would work up until 3 weeks before my EDD. I got to 32 weeks and like you found I was anemic and it made me extremely tired and run-down - the docs advised starting maternity leave but I felt it was too early so I went back work.

At 33 weeks I had a fall and got signed off for 3 weeks, and in that time I have got increasingly more uncomfortable - not sleeping, constantly going loo, bad back from the fall, swollen wrists, hands, ankles and feet - Usual pregnancy moans and groans!!!!. There is no way I would of made it to 37 weeks of full time work! - but I honnestly thought that I would - I just imagined the bump being a bit of nusiance - how wrong I was!

See how you go - you may be ok - i think is a good idea to have a bit of a rest though before the little one makes his/her arrival.

L x
Thanks for your replies - good advice as always with you lot!!

I think I will give up at about 37 weeks. I love my job and I will find it strange handing the responsibility over to someone else. I also feel guilty for taking the leave for some strange reason. I probably won't give it a second thought when the baby arrives!!!

I have been reading about births on the forum and I have started to get a little nervous about the whole thing - roll on the Epidural!!!!

Julia xxxx

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