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What is my baby doing?!


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Aug 3, 2007
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Im getting kicks that feel like they are literally in my bum....from the inside?! LOL God knows what he's up to in there?! It feels really strange, and he doesnt kick at the front any longer....if its not in my bum then he is 'jumpimg' and making my whole bump judder :rotfl:
Ive been getting those kicks for a while!! Feels like shes kicking me in the bumhole :oops: (sorry) from the inside, lol. Bless her. I think she must've turned and now shes big enough that i can feel it.
I get this too but I was too embarrased to mention it!! I feel so much better knowing I am not alone!!
LOL thats it Saz! I just didnt want to say in my bumhole :rotfl:

Ive had it for about 2 weeks now :lol:

oh soveriegn :hug: :hug: glad you feel better now :D

Maybe it's your baby giving you a boot up the arse for putting it's choccy in the bin :rotfl:

I can't say I've experienced butt hole kicks, mine seems to like kicking my lady bits
you wait until they go head down, this one kicks hell out of me, always wriggling and jumping :rotfl: :rotfl:
I got this the other night but I didn't want to sound like a crazy person.
It feels like the kicks are vibrating in my bottom area - Glad to hear its normal.
OMG, the first time that ever happened to me I freaked. I wondered what the hell was going on! It happens all the time now and obviously depends on which way the baby is laying. It still takes me by surprise though. I was worried at first that a foot or something would literally come out of my butt! haha!
I seem to get kicks in my lady bits when she's in a dodgy position. I just poke her till she moves because it's soooooo uncomfortable.

I think she does it to annoy me actually.
ive managed to avoid the lady bits kicking that ive heard about....But i do get the bottom hole kicks alot :) Naughty luittle so and so. Sometimes it makes me laugh though and i'll just be sitting giggling to myself like a weirdo, lol.
ooh i'm getting them in the other end..the fangita... :oops: :rotfl:
I get them in the front but not the back as yet! I love the whole belly wobbling kicks -they make me laugh every time! I can spend ages just sat staring at my belly! Much more interesting than Emmerdale or whatever it was the MIL had on TV the other night!

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