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Welcome my new baby sister into the world 6 50am 16th Nov O7


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Jul 18, 2007
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Hi there ladies i would like to tell you that my mum has had her baby

she went into the labour ward on wednesday to be induced with being 10 days late, she had the gel at 10am n then again at 4pm both didnt work so they left her for the nite in a ward saying we would start her off tomorrow morning that came n went but at 7pm she had her waters broken

Baby sister was born at 6 50am this morning weighing in at 10lb 8oz
no stiches, on gas n are n 2 shots of pethadeen
Congratulations to you and your family!
and well done to your mum...fantastic weight!
congratulations hun, any name yet?! well done to ur mum!!! :cheer: :cheer:
Good lord aj your mother must be feeling battered! but well done to her for pushing that litle girl out!!!

Congratulations to you on your new sister, I hope she cheers you up a bit!
congratulations! well done to ur mum, thats a very good weight! :shock: :clap:
Well done to your mum - 10lbs 8oz - hoping that isn't the same weight i will get!

Congratulations on your new baby sister! x

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