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UR first bowel movement.


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Apr 3, 2007
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When did you have your first bowel movement after you gave birth? :oops:
48 hrs - And it didnt hurt, but it did feel very strange indeed lol

Before I left hospital, so either the day after, or the day after that. Fooking hurt an all :(
I made myself wait about 5days as i had stitches and i thought it would hurt :oops:

But it didnt
The day after. I was really scared as I had a episiotomy and was scared I would burst the stitches but it was fine and didn't hurt at all. xxxx
it felt like ages!!!! i had to get some assistance from the doc :oops: lol
2 days, if youre worried it'll hurt your front bits, hold a clean materity pad on it while you poo, trust me it does help :hug:
Within 48 hours. I held myself in with a pad for the first few. And it did hurt but I was very sore for about 6 weeks after giving birth as I had an internal tear.
Thanks. :D

I think I might need some help if I don't go soon. :oops: Not that I feel I need to. xxx
About 4 or 5 days after! Then I got piles & it hurt lots :(
i was scared to go, i would only eat fruit for 5 days! the MW saw me 3 days after i'd had melissa and said if i didnt go that day i had to take these pills she gave me (lax's). i didnt take them all just one and the next nite i was sat on the toilet for half an hour almost crying coz i was so scared! but when i did it nothing bad happened and it didnt hurt!

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